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  1. lne927

    Totoise Suddenly Stopped eating

    Hello all. I've had my guy Pistachio for about 8-9 months. And everything has been fine this whole time. The last 4 days he ate nothing, just a very sudden stop. Normally he eats like a small horse. Some notes: This is a Male Tortoise I got from an online breeder. The breeder said he was only...
  2. lne927

    New Tortoise owner

    Hi all, I am a brand new Tortoise owner ! I just bought a Russian hatchling about 3 inches from a breeder. he arrived 2 days ago healthy and fit. His enclosure is a 3 by 2 by 2 aquarium filled about 6 inches with 50/50 coconut coir/ play sand he has some flat rocks, and a log for hiding /...