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  1. LisaTurtle

    Fun topic: feces and urine

    The food switch could cause soft feces. Especially if he was only eating the same thing all the time. Kale is good to feed him but you shouldn't feed him that all the time. The key to a good diet is variety.
  2. LisaTurtle

    My Russian tortoise shell and legs !

    My russian tort's name is Gary too!! :)
  3. LisaTurtle

    Doggy time!

    This is my sweet Lola. We rescued her from a local shelter when she was 8 weeks old. She's 8 years old now. She's super smart and a great family dog.
  4. LisaTurtle

    Super Bowl Sunday!

    Yeah SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!! I knew we would win but I had nod idea it would be like this!!!! I at least thought they would come to the table!! GO HAWKS BABY!!!
  5. LisaTurtle

    My lifelong goal finally reached.

    Way to go Turtle Whisperer congrats!! You definitely got me thinking what should I train my tort to do... ?!!
  6. LisaTurtle

    Vancouver WA/ Portland OR tortoise and turtle club meeting!

    I cannot make it down Saturday. I wish i was just a little bit closer to you all. Too much to do in preparation for the Super Bowl party at our house :) See ya next time hopefully!
  7. LisaTurtle

    The way we were...

    Elohi you look just like your mom!! I love the 'in between' pics too especially those big glassss! This is a fun thread! Guess I need to find some old pics...
  8. LisaTurtle

    Porky enjoying Sunday breakfast

    Beautiful shell! I really love his color
  9. LisaTurtle

    My Newest Additions

    Oh man, sorry Tom. That is tough. Great idea of the latch locking door tho. Do you keep the BTS in an outdoor enclosure, or indoor? What size enclosure do they need? Our local zoo has them and I'm excited to check them out when we go next month :)
  10. LisaTurtle

    My Now Adult BTS

    That's a cool looking lizard. I went back and read your original post about him. Is he still as personable/friendly and pet-like as you described originally? How big do they get? Your original post makes me want one!!!
  11. LisaTurtle

    A Little Birdie Pic

    Very cool!! Is it trained? Can you send it out flying and it will come back to you? Is it on a rope? Questions lol!! :) [hr] It's upside down on my phone too
  12. LisaTurtle

    Our RT

    Hahhaa!! Welcome Mei!
  13. LisaTurtle

    A Culturally Varied Family

    Nice family you got there!
  14. LisaTurtle

    my russian tortoise

    Very cute!! Is your tort's name Babushka??!! Lol [GRINNING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]
  15. LisaTurtle

    Weird injury on the head?

    I've been advised by an experienced tort owner to keep an eye on the shell edge (top middle) where the head/neck tucks in, that edge can get sharp and if the tort's head/neck is out (and up, like he's looking up with his neck stretched out) and he pulls his head in quickly, he could scrape his...
  16. LisaTurtle

    Cute photos :)

    Elohi, that head rub picture is the best!! He/she is smiling! So cute!!!
  17. LisaTurtle

    1 year adoption anniversary

    Thanks guys!! [hr] Thanks guys!! [hr] That is a pet mat thing I found at a drug store. It has an insert that you can heat up in the microwave or put in the freezer to warm or cool your pet. It comes in small, med, or large sizes and showed cats and dogs on the package. I got the small one (for...
  18. LisaTurtle

    1 year adoption anniversary

    1 year ago today we adopted a cute little russian tort from the pet store. This was a decision we had been considering for a few years. Im so glad we decided to do it. I really love taking care of Gary and can't get enough info about tortoises. I've also discovered a new hobby - making...
  19. LisaTurtle

    IMMAYO's Redfoot Herd Thread

    Agreed! Very beautiful!!
  20. LisaTurtle

    Great idea for a new haircut

    This is what I imagine Tom looks like! :)