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  1. SJTort

    Moving red-foots from Canada to Ireland

    This is likely a dumb question (since I don't know anything about shipping torts), but would it be possible to carry them on the plane with you? Maybe as an emotional support animal?
  2. SJTort

    Plant ID

    Have you tried the free app Seek? I use that with my plants.
  3. SJTort

    Changing Substrate to Zoo Med Repti Bark

    Great! Thanks for the info. My 10 year old Mesopotamian Greek poops most mornings right outside of his hide while he is warming up under his basking light. Perhaps, he is regular like that... or maybe that's abnormal? He eats a variety of organic greens and flowers (that I grow myself) from the...
  4. SJTort

    Changing Substrate to Zoo Med Repti Bark

    With the orchid bark as a substrate, do you find it more difficult to find their poop? I've used the coco coir and it's super easy to see it against the light brown background. I prefer the idea of the bark, but I worry that it would make finding the little, dark, 1 inch long poop logs. Just...
  5. SJTort

    Fungus Gnat Infestation and Possible Solution

    Lots of good solutions here! I have tons of gnats in the plants that I grow for my Greek tort (small indoor greenhouse). I read that I can water the plants with a hydrogen peroxide solution to kill them. Is that safe to do though since Frank eats the plants?
  6. SJTort

    New to the Tortoise World and need help identification

    I have a 10 year old Greek tortoise, tg terrestris. Here are some pics of Frank for comparison. I couldn’t figure out which subspecies he was until someone here told me. 😊
  7. SJTort

    any 2021 calendar? (post your pictures and I'll make a calendar)

    This is Frank napping in his bathtub - 10 years old, Mesopotamian Greek tortoise
  8. SJTort

    Transporting Tortoise In Freezing Weather?

    Mine is about 5 inches, but he’s 10(ish).
  9. SJTort

    Transporting Tortoise In Freezing Weather?

    I put 1 hot hands in the soft sided carrier and the temp was increasing slowly, but was at 97 degrees when I left the house a short bit ago. I’m going to put a towel over it so it’s not so hot.
  10. SJTort

    Transporting Tortoise In Freezing Weather?

    I got my Greek a small, warm, soft sided carrier that’s meant for transporting hamsters and guinea pigs. I’m taking ours with us on a trip and am planning on using the hot hands or a heating pad underneath the carrier. The soft carrier fits inside a wooden crate with lots of space between the...
  11. SJTort

    Can my tort eat cactus pads with spines?

    Interesting! I left one out on the kitchen counter and it didn’t do well. Probably just a fluke.
  12. SJTort

    Urgent! Our Sulcata is frozen. Please help!

    Thank you for clarifying. I understand now.
  13. SJTort

    Can my tort eat cactus pads with spines?

    I have been meaning to ask the same question for my Greek tortoise! I’ve been removing the spines, but it’s pretty time consuming. One thing I have figured out is that the pad can last quite a long time in a zip bag in the refrigerator if you only cut from one side and leave the rest of it...
  14. SJTort

    Urgent! Our Sulcata is frozen. Please help!

    Honestly, I think you went too far on this one. An unfortunate event occurred and she did her best to help save it. Yes, there is a fire danger here. However, your lengthy, sarcastic response is unnecessary, especially since she already told us that the tort is already gone.
  15. SJTort

    Greek Tort Lovers!

    Thank you!
  16. SJTort

    Tortoise doesn't seem to like his new enclosure? Please help :(

    My Greek loves to wander around the house too. He was in a glass enclosure when we first rescued him. I blocked it so he couldn’t see out right away. He wasn’t trying to get out before, but he started to once he couldn’t see anymore. I built him a 2x3 wood enclosure (using a kit) as a first step...
  17. SJTort

    Greek Tort Lovers!

    So sorry for the delay in responding! I would love your input!! He’s definitely small for his age. I rescued him from an unfortunate situation where he was sick and quite underweight. Ive gotten his weight up to a good level, put him on a much better diet, cleared up his respiratory infection...
  18. SJTort

    Urgent! Our Sulcata is frozen. Please help!

    So very sorry for your loss!
  19. SJTort

    Shell peeling?

    Thank you for your reply (a long time ago 🤦‍♀️)! I’m not sure what it ended up being, but it sealed up on its own. It wasn’t very deep at all. I don’t think it was a bite, but can’t be certain. His primary enclosure is inside. Thank you again!