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  1. SulcataSammy

    Notification of renewal fee?

    I love your forum and gladly pay the minimal fee. This morning my bank app notified me of a charge to "paypal-exoticpetne". Could find nothing online and called my bank. Was about to set it as fraud and have to have my credit card reissued...a major pain. They suggested I call PayPal. Between...
  2. SulcataSammy

    My baby snapper stopped eating

    I have been on this forum for my Sulcata. Only one profile... I've had a snapper before and successfully kept him 20 years, ending up in a appropriately terraced 55gal tank. Great pet. Been gone for years. Recently I was given a baby snapping turtle in June. I have him in a 10gal tank, with a...
  3. SulcataSammy

    Sammy is CHARGING!

    Sammy my 25 pound Sulcata is charging me. He spent all of his 15 years in an enclosure, finally ending up in a fairly large tortoise table, at table height. He is now in his dream home. He is in an insulated enclosure, on the ground, in an area four times bigger than his tortoise table was...
  4. SulcataSammy

    Tortoise Lover Forever...just joined.

    Hi, I have always had a turtle/tortoise since I was a little boy. Now I have my dream tortoise. Had him since he was a hatchling. His name is Sammy and he is about 15. He's always lived on a tortoise table 4' x 6'. Recently I had a carpenter build a, "enclosure" for him that is part of my...