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    Help with heating solution please

    Hello everyone, I currently have a sulcata tortoise setup in a 40 gallon tank and just installed a fogger to control humidity levels. The humidity has improved a lot, so much that now I feel that temperatures have dropped a bit. My warm side is at about 88 degrees and my cool side at about 80...
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    Sulcata outdoor enclosure Palmdale, CA

    Hello everyone, I currently have two 1 year old sulcata s. I recently moved to Palmdale, CA. Now that I have a decent sized back yard I want to have a small pen for them so that they can enjoy natural sunlight and natural growing grasses and weeds. I've browsed through a lot of posts and seen...
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    Proper Thermal Gradient?

    Hello Tortoise Forum members , I have 2 baby sulcatas. I just obtained them about 2 weeks ago. I been running my lights and heat sources and been very observant about the humidity levels and the hot and cool sides. I've noticed the "cool" side being at 100 degrees and the hot side at like...
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    New Tortoise guy

    Hello everyone, this is my first time on a forum and my first time in the tortoise world. I started reading about tortoises about a month ago and now I am super fired up to get one for myself. After all the searching and reading, I've narrowed my search down to the Red foot species. After...