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  1. T Smart

    Buying Mazuri

    Hey all, Is it smartest to buy directly from Mazuri? I saw a 25 pound bag is roughly $30. Harrison crushes food, but obviously he won’t need the whole bag. If this 25 pound bag is the best option, I’d be more than happy to send some to you all. Also, how long can you store Mazuri for without...
  2. T Smart

    Switching Substrates

    Hi all, I have a couple questions: 1. Do you see any downsides from switching from a Coconut Coir/ Cypress Mulch Mix (85/15) to strictly Orchid Bark? 2. If not, where’s the best place to get it in bulk? Home Depot, Menards, or Lowes would be ideal. Thanks!
  3. T Smart

    Temperature Drops

    Are there any easy ways to maintain a higher ambient temperature in an open topped setup? I'm more concerned with the drops at night, which have gotten into around the low 60s. This has never been a problem in the past, as I had more of a closed chamber setup. I built a much larger table this...
  4. T Smart

    Christmas Surprise!

    Look what my mother surprised me with! Thank you for putting this together. All the photos look fantastic! Best, -Thomas S.
  5. T Smart

    Zoo Med Grassland Tortoise Food For Russians?

    Hi, I'm always trying to vary up Harrison's diet, and was wondering your thoughts on the "Zoo Med Grassland Diet". Will Russians even eat this? Is it ok to switch in and out with Mazuri? I currently feed dandelion weeds (slim pickings with winter approaching), endive, escarole, Mazuri...
  6. T Smart

    Hingeback Tortoise (Cincinnati, OH)

    From Craigslist, not mine.
  7. T Smart

    Show me your 8'x4' enclosure!

    Who has an 8'x4' out there? I would love to see it, and possibly learn how you went about creating it. The plan is to build one for my Russian this winter, as he has outgrown his current indoor setup.
  8. T Smart

    Healthy amount of UVB?

    Obviously heating, humidity, diet, husbandry, and UVB are all are essential, but I'm curious how much UVB tortoises really need? Does time spent outside cover for time spent inside? I have no problems providing UVB. I provide rays every day, either inside with a "Repti Sun UVB Tube", or...
  9. T Smart

    Proper Introduction

    Hi all, After being a member for several years now, I just realized that I never properly introduced myself! My name is Thomas, and my tortoise is Harrison. We are from the Chicago. Harrison is a 6 year old captive bred Russian, whom I'm received from Richard Fyfe. (He was very helpful! I...
  10. T Smart

    Male Russian Tortoise (Not Mine)

    Hi, I've spoken with her, and it seems this tortoise has been very well cared for. She's very knowledgeable and has provided proper diet, housing, vet checks, etc. Unfortunately, she doesn't have to room to house this tortoise anymore. I wanted to repost, as there as been trouble finding those...
  11. T Smart

    Adult Size?

    What is considered average weight / length for an adult male? As of today, my 6 y/o Russian, Harrison, was 424 g, with a carapace length of just under 5 inches.
  12. T Smart

    Little Rocks in Outdoor Enclosure

    Just spent way to long cleaning every inch of my outdoor enclosure looking for small rocks / items that could be ingested. Now I have no problem doing this, and I know this is a necessary part of maintaining an outdoor enclosure, but man does it take forever. These rocks just magically appear...
  13. T Smart

    Red foot and Cherry Head (Chicagoland)

    Not mine, just wanted to repost.
  14. T Smart

    Questions : Quarantine/ Mixing Captive Bred with Wild Caught

    Good morning all, Some day in the future, I want to possibly breed Russians. Thus, I've been entertaining the idea of adding a female Russian tortoise (CB would be nice, but I understand finding an adult female is rare). She would be added with my 6 year old CB male Russian. I'd keep them in...
  15. T Smart

    New Garden For My Russian

    Aside from our main garden, I decided to make a smaller raised bed. I already planted it with several dandelions, but am unsure what to do next. In our larger main garden, we are growing different lettuces and kale for him. Regarding the new bed, would a Russian seed mix be good for this area...
  16. T Smart

    Weed / Plant ID

    Are any of these weeds / plants safe. I keep picking them since I'm not sure. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Thanks for the help!
  17. T Smart

    Outdoor Enclosure

    Hi all, Been awhile since my last post. Thought I'd update you all. Here's some photos of the outdoor enclosure (8' x 19') for my little 6 year old CB Russian "Harrison". He's been spending a lot of time out this summer, weather permitting. Any tips, ideas, or concerns would be appreciated, as...
  18. T Smart

    3 Red Foots For Sale / Possible Rescue

    (Chicago Land Area) Stumbled upon this, and thought I'd repost it here. Breaks my heart. Very visible pyramiding and tight living space. I asked, and was told there are 2 larger males, 7 Y/o, and one smaller female, 3...
  19. T Smart

    Humid Hide

    What's an easy way to make a humid hide? And can I keep coco coir in it or should I buy sphagnum moss? Thanks
  20. T Smart

    Quick Question Calcium

    I have a baby russian about 3 inches. How much calcium should I put on his food? Thanks