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  1. popeye tortoise

    Ants and how to get rid of them

    Aldabraman, I just notice I have ants in my indoor pen. What is the safest and best way to get rid of them. Groot is doing great and I do not want to disrupt his indoor pen if I don't have to. Thanks, Popeye tortoise.
  2. popeye tortoise

    Sulcatas for sale

    I have 3 Sulcatas for sale . I live in Pa please contact me if you are interested. [email protected] Thanks
  3. popeye tortoise

    Sulcatas for sale

    I am Pa and I have a few Sulcatas for sale. I will not sell to anyone I will screen to make sure these tortoises go to the right keeper.
  4. popeye tortoise

    Where to get lights

    Hi all, I am new to the site and I hope this is the right area to ask this question. I was looking to get either the exo terra solar glo or zoo med power sun lights for my interior pen for my sulcatas. I live in Pa and it is time to bring them in. The indoor pen is 8' x 8' and I us lighting for...
  5. popeye tortoise

    Hi Everyone my name is Roy

    I have 3 sulcatas and 1 Aldabra. I have been into reptile for many years and into tortoise for 15 years. I am very happy to find the forum. I hoping to get some valuable information to help me to take care of my tortoise better.