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  1. AesopTortoise

    Just turned two! Aes the sully.

  2. AesopTortoise

    Pics of now 2 year old Aes. (Sulcata)

    He's two now and I snapped some pics while he was distracted by the new part of the yard. Before anyone says anything, I see the pyramiding and have already read through this forum and taken the proper steps to stop it.
  3. AesopTortoise

    Hay feed

    Just switched from live grass to hay feed. Live grass seemed like a great idea but... It smelled, attracted bugs, and my sulcata dug most of it up anywho. He seems to friggin' love the hay, mostly orchard grass, he burrows intricate tunnels and chows down on the stuff. Not to mention it's about...
  4. AesopTortoise

    Sulcata w/ a pancake?

    I have an almost 2 year old Sulcata, Aesop, who I love. I also can't get over how awesome pancake tortoises are. I believe they have similar housing needs and want feedback on thoughts of having them be house mates, only until Aes outgrows my table. Side note: thanks for this forum...
  5. AesopTortoise


    Only had this guy a month and from what I'm told he should be about 15 months old. This looks like significant pyramiding to me but I'm not an expert. What do you think?
  6. AesopTortoise

    Washing pumpkin off

    Warn bath after pumpkin feast.
  7. AesopTortoise

    Table advice?

    Anybody see something wrong or have general suggestions/criticism of my first tortoise table?
  8. AesopTortoise

    New owner

    New to tortoises but not to reptiles. Have had my sulcata Aesop, Ace for short, for a month now. Built his indoor table my self, he likes it a lot. Can't wait to come up with an outdoor structure when the weather is right. My pit/pointer mix, Loretta, doesn't want to eat him but is curious to...
  9. AesopTortoise

    Suggestion for my first enclosure

    This is my first tortoise but not my first reptile. I did a good amount of research before I got Aesop, Ace for short, but I'm open to suggestions and as a beginner any tips would be greatly appreciated. I built a frame that fits a removable 4x4 ply wood bottom that is lined with 3 layers of...