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  1. Thetortoiseguy93

    Indoor Enclosure Ideas Anyone?

    Does anyone have any tortoise enclosure ideas i have a decent sized russian tortoise from pets mart, right now i have him in the really big $20 tub from walmart but that is obviously not enough space to keep him in there for ever. Somebody suggested to me to buy another tub and join them...
  2. Thetortoiseguy93

    I got a russian tortoise

    I got a russian tortoise from petsmart. And yes im using a stove rack right now for my light lol. I plan on making the enclosure bigger i want to get another tote and cut a big opening in the middle to make it bigger. I have a question though is there any objections to the substrate im using im...
  3. Thetortoiseguy93

    Why are people doing this to animals?

    These peoole in my area are selling a macaw for $300 cause they dont want iy anymore those birds easily go from 2 to 5 grand. Buying pets just to get rid of them. That's like having a child and then putting the kid up for adoption cause your tired of taking care of them thats just wrong. I would...
  4. Thetortoiseguy93

    Tortoise breaks down fence and escapes

    So apparently a sulcata broken down some of his care takers fence and got away. But luckily they were able to find him within a few hours. Sulcatas are just like a dog lol. Runaway tortoise gives SC museum a scare but 'he looks like he enjoyed his time out' | The State LOCAL Runaway...
  5. Thetortoiseguy93

    The good news

    I just found out my tortoise i used to own grew really big once i gave it to my local pet store owner, i knew it was going to the right place cause he owns a really big sulcata . My tortoise was about 6 inches female and my friends was a male baby about 2 to 3 inches. My friend said that he...
  6. Thetortoiseguy93

    Any pet ideas for my fiance?

    My fiance wants a pet that she can hold and interact with. Shes cant really have dogs or cats cause she has allergys. She was interested in an iguana until we read that they can inflict some damage so i recommended a bearded dragon instead. But she knows that im trying to get a turtle or...
  7. Thetortoiseguy93

    Apartment electric problem!

    My new apartment seems rather unsafe to me. When i first moved in the shower was dirty and the cabinet beneath the sink had mold in it and we cleaned it when we shouldnt have. And there is mice crap everywhere. And if you drop a piece of food on the floor babie ants are everywhere. But here is...
  8. Thetortoiseguy93

    Mixing slider water turtles

    Can you mix red ear sliders and yellow bellied sliders together. Or is it the same rule as a tortoise that you cant mix them. I would think generally you cant mix them but thats why im asking cause they are both sliders. I wanted to buy two sliders one for me and one for my girlfriend. Im would...
  9. Thetortoiseguy93

    Cheapest most efficient enclosure?

    Whats the cheapest most efficient way to build a tortoise enclosure for a baby tortoise. When i had my redfoot before i used a big plastic tub container. That seemed to be the best method at the time.
  10. Thetortoiseguy93

    Which tortoise?

    I used to own a redfoot tortoise for a couple of years or so. I really liked my redfoot to, i was raising one with my friend cause we were roomates and close friends when i lived with my grandparents. He liked mine so he bought a baby one to raise with me. But then we ended up giving them to our...