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  1. LisaTurtle

    1 year adoption anniversary

    1 year ago today we adopted a cute little russian tort from the pet store. This was a decision we had been considering for a few years. Im so glad we decided to do it. I really love taking care of Gary and can't get enough info about tortoises. I've also discovered a new hobby - making...
  2. LisaTurtle

    How do i PM from an I Phone?

    Do you have the little button in the upper left corner of your screen, with three little lines? Like this Click that little button, then "Messages" then the little pencil icon button in the upper right corner. That should open a new pm for you to send. Then you enter the person's username...
  3. LisaTurtle

    Runny Russian

    My RT has had diarrhea for a few weeks. He's had a few solid poos but mostly pretty runny. He's always been a good eater and I give him a variety of greens (tho he doesn't like kale, collards or mustards). He eats a lot of dandelion, clover, weeds and grass in the spring and summer and grocery...
  4. LisaTurtle

    What kind of tort is this? Is it real?

    I found this pic on Pinterest I haven seen anything like it. It doesn't quite look real to me...
  5. LisaTurtle

    My dream indoor enclosure

    I am always looking for the perfect indoor enclosure. This is my dream indoor enclosure - just add a basking light/UV and tort! SOMEday!!!!
  6. LisaTurtle

    Check this out

    I found this at a feed store today. I'm thinking about getting one of these to upgrade the indoor (garage) enclosure for my russian, Gary. He's outside all spring and summer but indoors for the winter and his winter tank is too small. I think I would add casters on the bottom to get it off the...
  7. LisaTurtle

    Pls help ID these weeds

    These weeds are growing in my yard (Seattle area) and I'm hoping someone can help me identify them. I'm hoping they can become dinner for Gary :) Ok, here goes.... 1) I picked them off one of these 2) I'm thinking this could be plantain? I couldn't get a good pic of the plant because they...
  8. LisaTurtle

    Tort Yoga

    Today's pose: This advanced move really helps energy move through the body and gives a full head to toe stretch.
  9. LisaTurtle

    Tort bracelets

    I found these cute bracelets at Bartells Drug store today! They come in lots of colors and were only a $1 each! I think Bartells is only in WA state, but the brand is trrtlz in case your interested :)
  10. LisaTurtle

    Turtly Awesome!

    I just love this :)
  11. LisaTurtle

    1st time trying artichoke

    I just gave Gary an artichoke leaf for the first time and I pretty sure it's his favorite food! I've never seen him so food aggressive! He seriously attacked it!! It was not easy for him to eat but he tore it apart!
  12. LisaTurtle

    Football Sunday

    I need to make him a Seahawks jersey!
  13. LisaTurtle

    Basking spot-Flat rock?

    I want to share the basking spot set up for my RT Gary. I have several large rocks and one smaller kinda flat slanted rock with top soil all around I'm just curious if I should have any concerns with not having a totally flat basking area...? Temp is 100 directly under the light...
  14. LisaTurtle

    So tired I can't even lay down

    So I think I'll just sleep here.... I thought he was trying to get out but when I walked over I saw he was actually sleeping like this!
  15. LisaTurtle

    Loft bedroom addition

    I made a loft hide for Gary's indoor enclosure. I love how it turned out! I bought an inexpensive decorative box from 'Ross', added legs from Home Depot, painted it, added a ramp.... And now Gary has a Loft bedroom :) I filled it with Timothy hay
  16. LisaTurtle

    He's not a fan of the fireworks

    I don't think Gary likes all the fireworks in the neighborhood! He buried himself deep!
  17. LisaTurtle

    Found perfect shelf structure for new tort table!

    I'm so excited!! i just found the perfect structure to make a tort table out of in a friends yard. He was gonna get rid of it so its free for me! It's metal and pretty big. I can't wait to turn this into Gary's new crib! It's gonna take some work tho!!
  18. LisaTurtle

    Grate cuttlebone instead of calcium powder

    I bought a cuttlebone for my RT Gary about 5 months ago but he's never touched it. I used a cheese grater to grate it up and have started sprinkling it on his greens 1-2 times a week. This should be ok right? Do you think it's just as good as buying calcium powder? Thanks! Lisa
  19. LisaTurtle


    Hello there! I'm Lisa, and I adopted my RT Gary from Petco 6 months ago. And I'm totally in love with him! I had a box turtle as a kid and have always loved turtles and tortoises. I finally talked my husband into adding to the family of 1 dog, 2 cats, and 1 teenager. I'm excited to finally join...