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  1. TortoiseBoy1999

    Leopard Tortoise Winter Housing

    Ok so I am probably going to get a 9" inch Leopard tortoise soon. But how would I go about housing him in the winter? Should I try hibernating him? Should I keep him in the garage? Or should I try housing him outside. Thank you for the input.
  2. TortoiseBoy1999

    Leopard tortoise

    Hi! I'm looking for a Leopard tortoise at least 1 year old! PM me if you have one, thanks!
  3. TortoiseBoy1999

    Leopard Gecko

    Help! My sister's Chinese frog eyed gecko has stopped eating and is very skinny. She has not had a UV bulb for him so I lent her mine since I take my tortoises outside for their UV rays. He's under a UV bulb now. What do we do now???
  4. TortoiseBoy1999

    Fipped baby Leopard

    Help! I just walked into my room and found my 1 1/2 year old Leopard tortoise on its back! He was some what under his heat lamp but not fully. He didn't move for a while after I flipped him back, but now he is. What do I do to help him!!!
  5. TortoiseBoy1999

    Wind instrument

    If I play a wind instrument in my room such as Trumpet of Flute will it hurt my tortoises? [hr] I meant Trumpet OR Flute
  6. TortoiseBoy1999

    The tortoise and the Drum

    Ok so I know that tortoises can't hear, but they are sensitive to vibrations. So would a drum set hurt them if they are in the same room with one? The room isn't very big. (Obliviously I would be playing the drums)
  7. TortoiseBoy1999

    Tortoise exposed to smoke

    We are moving and we might be staying in my grandmas house for a while and my tortoises might be staying in her garage. But she smokes cigarets in the garage. Will that effect the tortoises health?
  8. TortoiseBoy1999

    Water "TURTLES"

    Looking for some water turtle's to adopt with no adoption fee. I have a friend who has a big pond and wants to get some turtles for it. If you live in the Antelope Valley CA and have some water turtles, PM or E-Mail me ([email protected]). I am not willing to drive out of town, you must...
  9. TortoiseBoy1999

    New puppy, but how to introduce it?

    So today we got a new puppy (a maltese chihuahua mix) and we already have a border collie. But our border Collie is very territorial and doesn't like other dogs. How do we introduce them? They are both female's. as you can tell by the breeds there is a big size difference. The boarder collie has...
  10. TortoiseBoy1999

    Leopard tortois bathing

    So I have a kiddie pool I used to use for a Russian tortoise that lived in it. But I don't have that Russian tortoise anymore. Would it be ok if I used it for my Leopard now? If I rinse it out with water and use new dirt and everything. Would that "cross contaminate"?
  11. TortoiseBoy1999

    Leopard tortoise progress

    So I'm a little worried about my baby Leopard. :-/ I've had Midas since August 20 and he was about 2" long when I first got him. and it seems he's only grown an inch. He's active, he eats, poops. But he's just not growing :-/ His diet is Weeds and Grass. With occasional fruit for a treat ;) But...
  12. TortoiseBoy1999

    What to get and Where to get it.

    Ok, so because it is winter here in Palmdale I can hardly find any weeds! What should I feed my baby Leopard? His mane diet is Weeds mixed with Grass with occasional Mazuri. His original diet was ZooMed Grassland Tortoise Pellet's soaked with Mazuri but I changed it to something more fresh :)...
  13. TortoiseBoy1999

    Owl City

    Who hear is a Owl City fan? I definitely am! I love his music and all the riddles and story's behind his music! My favorite song by him is Kamikaze! Someone was like those lyrics are pretty simple, but they were actually really deep! I've loved him for years. Anyone else? What's your favorite...
  14. TortoiseBoy1999

    Can My Baby Leopard Have These?

    Green Bean Vines, Pea Vines, Rose's, Spinach, Black Berries. Thanks! :D
  15. TortoiseBoy1999

    What Name Brand Bulb?

    What type of heat bulb do you all use for your tort's? Because the last few time's I have bought bulbs. They all go out. The last one actually exploded :P What brand of heat bulb's do you guys get? I've tried a few. And where? I'm using mine for a baby Leopard and 2 Russian's.
  16. TortoiseBoy1999

    NICE iPod Touch (4'th generation)

    I have a nice iPod touch that is almost brand new. Comes with everything you get out of the factory except the headphones, it also comes with 2 GREAT iPod covers and a screen cover if you want. E-Mail me ([email protected]) for pictures and more information. I am willing to ship.
  17. TortoiseBoy1999

    Russian Tortoise, Infertile Egg's

    Can a female Russian Tortoise develop eggs without ever breeding with a male? I know they would be infertile, but is that even possible? My Female has been very reckless and pacing around her Terrarium. And her tail look's kinda big. So I thought to ask JUST to make sure :-/ If so, what do I do...
  18. TortoiseBoy1999

    Report On Spider Tortoises

    Hi all! I am doing a report on Spider Tortoises for school and would like some facts. Just random, yet knowledgable, facts :) Like how much they typically weigh (in pounds) how long they usually get (in inches) And all that fun stuff. And just random facts. By the way, how much do Spider...
  19. TortoiseBoy1999

    RES Eating

    My friend recently got a little RES from China Town in LA :) She got him Saturday afternoon and he still hasn't eaten. She has him in some nice water, a 10 gallon tank with little (but not to little) rocks at the bottom, a basking spot, and a little island. When do you suppose he'll start...
  20. TortoiseBoy1999

    Funny Pick

    Found this on PhotoBucket XD