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  1. tortoise.tot

    heat emitter

    what size/wattage heat emitter should i get for my baby torts? i have a 4" leo & a 6 1/2" red foot. well i guess i should ask if they can even stay outside in [texas] winter. or is it too cold for them being so small?
  2. tortoise.tot


    this girl waas taking care of my baby, alfred, when my husband was in the hospital & i didn't have much time to devote to my torts since i was working A LOT. now that i have him back, his eyes are glossy & look funny. they seem to be over watery, i guess. what can i do to fix this?
  3. tortoise.tot

    i'm so excited

    to finally have my babies back. my husband went to the hospital for 2 weeks & i had to work 2 jobs & could hardly see him cause they sent him to a hospital. this girl asked me if she could take care of my torts for me to help me out. so i said yes. my husband's been out of the hospital since...
  4. tortoise.tot

    not eating as much

    i brought my tortoises inside cause of a hurricane watch a few months ago. now, it's getting real cool. so i've kept them inside cause it's getting too cold for them. since then, they haven't been eating as much as they normally would. & near as much as they should be eating. & my leopard's...
  5. tortoise.tot

    zoe & my red shoes.

    zoe likes shoes. we got her on may 29th & she knows her name & comes when we call. [for the most part. lol.]
  6. tortoise.tot


    we got our redfoot! :) we named her zoe. she is having so much fun in her new home. she LOVES her hide & she can eat so much. when we were signing the adoption papers. zoe eating from michael's hand. out in the open. she's "hiding" in her bedding. in her hide...
  7. tortoise.tot

    al's home.

    this was al's home as of april. we covered the mirror & added plants since then. it's 5' x 2' x 4". [sides gradually go up to 6".] we're in the process of builing an outdoor enclosure for both al & zoe, the redfoot we're soon getting.
  8. tortoise.tot

    my little lep. [you might recognize him]

    i have a leopard named alfred. yes, "tortoise_named_alfred" is my boyfriend. al is ours. this is him. al on my car after our cici's expodition. al in my shoe. al in michael's pocket. alfred chillin in his new home. al walking around in new home. he has so much...