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  1. mattk


    Hello everyone. Just a quick ? I was cleaning my red foots enclosure the other day and had a surprise a bunch of little bugs in there. I got to looking at them and they are pinhead crickets. I guess when I was feeding my frogs some must have jumped into my redfoots place. Will the red foots eat...
  2. mattk

    my cats

    Just wanted to share a few pics of part of my family. first is misty she is the protector of the red foot tank. next is gibb. He is such a big baby plus he kind of reminds me of a skunk with the stripe on his back. and last but def not least is jenny.
  3. mattk

    female eastern box turtles

    I have an eastern box turtle a female who has absoutly no color on her. her pics are in another thread i posted earlier. does anyone have any pics of female easterns. also i know some say females are not as colorful but mine has no color at all.
  4. mattk

    need help with id

    hello everyone. i just was given this box turtle by the pet store i am helping out setting up thier reptile room. they took her in from someone who could no longer take care of her. the pet store doesnt realy know much about her or how to take care of her so they asked if i would like her as...
  5. mattk

    Dried organic figs

    I was wondering if dried organic figs can be fed to my red foots. I bought some the other day for the wife but she doesn't like them and I don't want to throw them out.
  6. mattk

    Newest addition

    Just thought i would share a couple of pics of my newest family memeber. her name is jenny shes 8 weeks old. in one pic u can see how tiny she is compared to her new big brother Gibbs.
  7. mattk

    New pics

    Just thought I would share new pics of abby and Magee pigging out. [hr] Oops forgot to attach pics
  8. mattk

    just a few pics

    Hello just thought i would put up a few pics of abby and magee. i was looking at them the other day and noticed that abby seem a bit flatter and wider then magee. magee shell seems taller and more rounded on top. is that normal?
  9. mattk

    Good seed mixture

    I am planning my outdoor enclosure for spring and am wondering were i can get a good seed mixture from for redfoot tortoises. i looked at the russian seed mix from carolina pet supply and not sure if that is a good one. any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. mattk

    Hamburg rep show

    Well went to the hamburg reptile show this past Saturday. It was a decent show very crowded. Went with the intention of picking up a hingeback tortoise but unfortunately the only one they had was sold before I could get it. The rest of the tortoises I saw I wasn't that impressed with I think to...
  11. mattk

    is this edible

    Just wondering what this plant is and is it ok for my tortoises to eat. thanks
  12. mattk

    what are they thinking

    Well i dont usualy rant about petstores but this past weekend i was in northern delaware with the wife(she wanted to go to the mall) after we were done i like to stop and check out the petstores up this way. well i stopped in one(cant remember the name) and i saw they had a reptile department...
  13. mattk


    Not sure if anyone is interested in this sulcata thought i would repost it here after i saw the add. unfortuantly i cant take in any sulcatas.
  14. mattk

    ? about hingeback tortoises

    Hello everyone. i was looking at and thinking about maybe adding a hingback tortoise to my ever growing zoo i have lol. not sure realy what to ask about them any information would be helpful. i like personal experince more then just reading care sheets on them. so any info would be helpful. plus...
  15. mattk

    a few of abby

    Just a few pics of abby i guess her but was cold as shes under the heat lamp just warming her butt.
  16. mattk

    Hamburg PA show

    Im just wondering if anyone is going to the Hamburg reptile show on dec 3. its been along time since i have gone to that show just wondering if its still a good one and if they have a good selection of things. its about a 3 hour drive for me
  17. mattk

    red foot in south carolina

    Saw this ad for a red foot hope someone gets him and gets him out of that 20 gallon tank. if i lived closer i would not hesitate to get him.
  18. mattk

    just some pics

    Just thought i would put up pics of abby and magee. the little one is magge the one stuffing her mouth is abby
  19. mattk

    one more question

    Sorry for all the questions . i was wondering what kind of cactus this is we have it growing in my yard for the last 4 years and before the snow comes i want to pick some that is if this is good for the tortoises
  20. mattk

    what is this

    I have looked every where and am still not sure what this weed is. i have it all over my yard and am wondering what it is. its the big broad leaved plant next to abbys head