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  1. cliffordtherf

    plants in enclosure?

    so i was wondering if anyone knows if these plants are safe for my redfoot enclosure. on the left is a boston fern possibly? and the right is some type of ivy but i am not sure what type. thanks!
  2. cliffordtherf

    proper lighting for my tank

    ok so i have a 4 inch redfoot in a tank that is 36Lx18Wx12H inches ( it is the same size as my other 40 gallon tank only a few inches shorter)and i have a 13w uvb light and a 50w red light. i used to have a 60 or 70w blue light but i needed it for my bearded dragon. so does anyone know if these...
  3. cliffordtherf

    hide ideas

    hi im new on here and i was just wondering if any one has any ideas for hide houses other than the ones found at pet stores. i have heard of other people that use plant pots but i just wanted to hear what other people use. my redfoot is still pretty small at around 4 inches long. Thanks for any...
  4. cliffordtherf

    cliffords tank set up