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  1. EmiliaEvan

    Blodwyn's new hobby

    My tortoise is obsessed with trying to flip and climb into a hide that I've made from an ice cream tub for her. Here is a video of what I mean: When she ends up in it, she seems to get stuck although there is an obvious gap for her to get out of it. I find her...
  2. EmiliaEvan

    Inactive tortoise

    Good morning, My Greek spur-thighed tortoises have been very inactive over the last three months and have stopped gaining weight. Previously they were gaining about 3g each a week. They don't bask under the light anymore and they frequently bury themselves or hide. Nothing in their care has...
  3. EmiliaEvan

    Which are the best tortoise pellets in the UK?

    Hey there, It's been a very long winter and still a long time away from weeds growing again, so I was wondering which are the best tortoise pellets in the UK? And where do you get them from? I have a very greedy 8 month old Greek spur-thighed. Picture is just because she is very cute.
  4. EmiliaEvan

    Spur Thighed with a sticky nose

    My 6 month old Spur thighed has had a sticky nose for a couple of weeks, which she often gets dirt on and sometimes seems blocked. She also appears to be breathing through her mouth on occasion. I know of a local vet that look after tortoises but I don't want to stress her out and make it worse...
  5. EmiliaEvan

    Meet Blodwyn

    Hi all, This is Blodwyn and we live in Edinburgh. She is a four month old spur thighed and I love her to bits. She loves eating and hates having baths. She is my first tortoise and I am so thankful for all the great advice on this website. One thing that I have found really difficult to find...