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  1. Robert

    Any Ron Paul supporters out there?

    Any Ron Paul supporters on this fine forum, other than myself?
  2. Robert

    Chewbacca at 6 months (Pic HEavy)

    So Chewy has hit the six month mark. He/She is weighing in at 131 grams. As you can see he is not perfectly smooth, but pretty darn close. Her humidity is kept between 75% and 90% at all times. Temps range from 105f in the basking area to 80f in her cool spot. She gets an average of 1-2...
  3. Robert

    A case for veterinary "well" visits.

    I just wanted to write a quick post about why I feel veterinary care, especially a well visit upon acquiring a new tortoise, is a good idea. (I understand that this is potentially a debatable topic, and so moderators can move it if they wish to do so.) For me, annual well visits to the vet...
  4. Robert

    Best fixture for CHE??

    What is the recommended fixture for CHEs? What are you all using? Thanks.
  5. Robert

    Sid has an abscess!

    Unfortunately Sid seems to be going through a rough patch. He was lethargic yesterday and chose to stay in his house almost all day. Erin noticed that he had a swollen lump along the underside of his chin on one side. This morning the lump had doubled in size and Sid still seemed lethargic...
  6. Robert

    Leia LOVES Lasagna!!

    I'll never understand why they insist on laying on their food!!
  7. Robert

    Good morning, Sunshine!

  8. Robert

    Show us your "Spur" pics!

    Here are some of Sid. Couldn't get a good shot of his rear spurs.
  9. Robert

    Sid LOVES Lasagna!!

    Sid certainly loves Dean's Mazuri LAsagna. (He's got some Panacur added in for his little worm problem.) Our recipe differs from Dean's just a little. Ours is Mazuri, timothy hay, cactus, red leaf lettuce, fresh grass, and Panacur
  10. Robert

    Breakfast Time!!

    Sunday is Mazuri Lasagna day! (Thanks to Dean for the recipe!) Sid Leia Chewy (No hay in Chew's Lasagna)
  11. Robert

    BBQ Pulled Chicken Empanadas

    Who doesn't love BBQ pulled chicken? Especially if its rolled in dough and fried?
  12. Robert

    Sid threw himself away in the garbage

  13. Robert

    Sid needs oral fluke worm medication, Droncit

    Has anyone used oral liquid Droncit for the treatment of fluke worms? Any feedback on your experience would be appreciated. Also, any advice for giving a 35 pound ,strong male Sulcata an oral liquid medication? I don't want to waste it with a failed attempt just to shoot it into his mouth...
  14. Robert

    Sid visits the vet!

    Sid took a ride with the family today. He got to meet his vet. Needless to say, everyone at the vets office was very excited to meet Sid. His exam went well. He was very cooperative. I feelmcomfortable now that he has a baseline with a trusted local vet just in case he ever needs her in the...
  15. Robert

    New Family Member has Arrived: Sid

    We welcomed a new member into our family today. A sulcata. Welcome Sid! (Official name is Darth Sidious, just to stick with the geeky Star Wars theme!) He arrived today and so far seems to be doing well. He has been exploring his new home and eating and pooping. What a life! I will get...
  16. Robert

    Weed ID help

    Any chance anyone can help me ID this weed that I have growing in my yard? Princess Leia seems to like it, but I want to make sure it is safe for her to eat. Strong roots. (Similar to dandelion roots.) Grows randomly around yard. Also grows in cracks in my patio and along driveway. I live...
  17. Robert

    Grass clippings?

    Every time I cut my grass I empty the grass clipping into the woods. Any way of saving these and feeding to my torts? I feel like if I just dump them into their enclosures it will dry up too quickly.
  18. Robert

    Princess Leia takes top honors at local 4H fair

    Today was a fun day for our family. Our 12 year old daughter is a member of a local 4H reptile club. This weekend is a regional 4H fair. Our daughter presented Princess Leia today to a judge. She was questioned on multiple topics including: natural habitat, diet, history of the species and...
  19. Robert

    Some new lawn statues....

  20. Robert

    Princess Leia getting some sun

    Nice day for some good old fashioned sunshine!