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  1. Taylor T.

    Idiotic Road "Rescue"

    I'm really annoyed with the competency of some people in this world right now. A few minutes ago, right in the middle of the road there was a snapping turtle. There were some workers that were clearing the brush on the side of the road, and I think what happened is a person in a car stopped to...
  2. Taylor T.

    My Projects

    I have decided to consolidate all my projects into one thread to avoid filling up the whole forum with things that likely only interest a small percentage of the users on this forum. In this thread, I will simply post projects that I hope some will find interesting. Past projects that I created...
  3. Taylor T.

    Electroplating Metals How-To

    Just a cool little trick I figured out a while back. Can you see something strange about this photo? I electroplated the penny with zinc and the nickel with copper so that the colors are switched. I'll only outline how to do the copper electroplating right now, but if someone if curious how...
  4. Taylor T.


    So after my Russian's previous enclosure becoming filled with creosote ( I made a new one. Here's a photo of it partially built. My question is whether I need to worry about hawks getting him in this relatively open enclosure. His...
  5. Taylor T.


    How harmful is creosote to tortoises? This morning when we had our chimney swept the workers apparently weren't too careful about collecting it all to be transported away safely.:( Do I need to move his whole enclosure to another non infected area? The enclosure is completely covered. I can't...
  6. Taylor T.

    help my turtle is dying??1?

    its shel is flaking off. pls help. i keep it in my living room so it haz lots of space to walk. why is it dieing? its name is April. Just in case you didn't figure it out, this is a joke. That photo is actually a cool turtle's shell I found in the woods a while...
  7. Taylor T.

    Ship Models I Have Built

    Not sure how many fellow model builders there are on this forum, but I just wanted to show everyone some of the things I've been working on. 1/350 USS Texas: The real life counterpart of this ship was a New York class battleship and was built in 1914. It is still relatively intact as a museum...
  8. Taylor T.

    Drinking Problem?

    I've noticed that when my Russian drinks, he does not seem to understand that it is a bad idea to stick his nostrils underwater and breath in. He inhales a small amount of water, and promptly begins sneezing trying to get it out. After a few seconds of sneezing, he seems to get the water out...
  9. Taylor T.

    MVB life?

    My Powersun bulb burned out today. Does anyone know how long they should last? I've only had it for a year and a half. it's on twelve hours a day and it was off all summer when Taylor was in his outdoor enclosure. is there a different brand that lasts longer?
  10. Taylor T.

    Taylor T. Explores Outdoor Enclosure

    This is a video of Taylor T. climbing a pile of rocks in his outdoor enclosure. He does this at least ten times per day. :rolleyes:
  11. Taylor T.

    Anyone know what this plant is?

    I found this plant earlier, and I'm not sure what it is. Does anyone have any ideas? It has yellow sap and in the summer it has yellow flowers. My Russian Tortoise made a beeline for it, but I managed to stop him before he ate any.
  12. Taylor T.

    Tortoise facing the wall?

    Lately I have noticed that my Russian tortoise spends a lot of time facing the wall sleeping. Is he trying to make it dark? Is he trying to get out? Here is a picture of him doing it:
  13. Taylor T.

    Railroad ties for outdoor enclosure?

    I am thinking about building an outdoor enclosure for my Russian tortoise. Are railroad ties safe to use for a tortoise enclosure?
  14. Taylor T.

    How many flowers are too many for my russian tortoise?

    I was wondering how many flowers I should be feeding my tortoise. Should I feed them to him every day? Every other day? Once a week? I've read that flowers are fairly high in sugar, so should be fed sparingly.
  15. Taylor T.

    Is my tortoise's beak too long?

    How can I tell if my tortoise's beak is too long? He doesn't have any trouble eating, but it hangs over his bottom jaw. I've posted a picture; what do you think?