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  1. jeannettep

    Young Opossum busted with security cam now what

    So I thought something was going on & told my husband we have a rat. We have bait, he said it's not really getting touched. But our torts moved out of their house at night recently. Our box turtle is not where she normally would be & I'm having to look for everyone, so unusual. The inside cat...
  2. jeannettep

    Irritated torts, hurricane refugees

    It was interesting where our adult red footed torts took refuge for the downpours. We dodged the main storm, but enough rain. None went to their houses. 1 buried herself next to some shrubs under an eve on higher ground. Another one buried herself in the raised garden under a log. The other one...
  3. jeannettep

    Tortoise Face Coverings

    Tortoise Face Covering I had to turn my bling T-shirt business into face coverings since sale bottomed out. I just got in this adorable tortoise fabric and wanted to show it off, it's so cute! The only way I could figure out how was to link to my Etsy, sorry. But if anyone is interested in a...
  4. jeannettep

    What are these spots on the bottom of the shell

    What are these spots on my red footed tortoise? Thanks!
  5. jeannettep


    I have 2 rf shes between 5-6 inches long. We built a humid hide with a radiator 600 watt, connected to inkbird set at 80. I have a small greenhouse house attached to the front openings with sizable openings on it for air flow & their fav plants & grasses with a soaker hose going on a few min...
  6. jeannettep

    Leopard Tortoise baby not growing, Vitamins in water?

    I have had a hatchling tort for 6 months. For 4 months she (I know, don't know) had to share. She is only added 1 gram in 2 months. Active, eyes look good, humidity 80-85%, basking temp 90, various temps in her tort (purchased table top) mostly 80s, far end 70s. Daily soaks, eats mixed baby...
  7. jeannettep

    So far my red foots are loving their sunroom

    I know there's probably a difference of opinion on what I've done for our torts. But keep in mind I work from home, so they have lots of supervision. This includes webcams. We live in the south, so it's just a little cold for them. I wanted to make sure their plants make it so I got a...
  8. jeannettep

    Tile Sticker tracker placement

    Where would be the safest place to put one of these on a tortoise? If it makes a difference, I will be placing on Red-footed Tortoise about 6" long.
  9. jeannettep

    What's the white stuff on the shell

    Excuse the sphagnum on it. But what is this white on the shell of a hatchling? Maybe the calcium from the food? Thanks!
  10. jeannettep

    Red foot torts not using winter house

    I have 3 red footed torts 5 inch. Healthy in outside habitat in southeast Tx. We just got them a few months ago. I got in a rush with the last cold fronts, this is January weather! Needless to say I didnt have things planned out yet. I got them this bunny house PawHut Small Wooden Bunny...
  11. jeannettep

    Need help - soft shell

    I have a leopard tort that seemed fine but the underside of his shell is soft. What are some of the causes? I give him repti-cal & minerals on his food. He keeps his eyes closed. But he is gaining weight 27 grams. So he must be eating when I'm at work. Gets daily soaks, basking 92 degrees, 80%...
  12. jeannettep

    new here

    Hi, I'm new here too! I'm hoping to get some ideas for my leopard torts. I'm new to this that I have had my torts since Easter. They are not really growing, the vet seemed concerned about it but perplexed on what to do about it. They did give me Vetericyn VF Wound and Skin Care and told me its...