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  1. Karen(pebbles)

    Baking day!!!

    The things we do……….
  2. Karen(pebbles)

    Is this the start of mbd

    Looking for advice, can somebody tell me if this is the start of mbd? I’m worried, I’ve just noticed these indentations on my torts shell, he’s just 1 year old, humidity and temps are fine, diet is fine, give him calcium and vitamins twice a week, what am I doing wrong?
  3. Karen(pebbles)

    baking coco fibre

    can somebody please tell me how i bake the coco fibre? do i bake the block before adding the water or vice versa? at the moment it's in the freezer where it'll stay for the next three weeks ( i wanna be absolutely sure :) ) also do i boil the orchid bark as well? thanks in advance
  4. Karen(pebbles)

    Tiny black bug invasion

    Woke up this morning to find hundreds of these little bugs in my torts food and water dish, I use coco fibre and orchid bark, clean out the food each day after he’s gone to sleep and put in fresh water, are they from the substrate? It was changed 3 weeks ago, do I need to change it again? And...
  5. Karen(pebbles)

    how much garden time for 1yr old hermanns

    Good afternnon you lovely lot Here in the Uk we're havin some lovely weather, up to 33c, my question is how long can my 13month old tort who weighs 132g and is 9x8cms stay in the garden for? he/she has plenty of places to hide in the shade, plenty of food and water. Also is it rght that whilst...
  6. Karen(pebbles)

    Help….. fruit flies

    Can somebody tell me how to control the fruit flies in a vivarium? I’ve got fly paper in there but the stupid things are driving me mad! I’ve got coco fibre and orchid bark as substrate and this seems to be attracting them, I’m struggling to keep the humidity up cause I’m constantly opening the...
  7. Karen(pebbles)

    Fussy eater

    I can't get my 1 yr old tort to eat any kind of veg greens, he/she will eat lambs lettuce, raddichio and romain lettuce, I do give him/her a couple pellets of mazuri as well. I've tried cutting up make really small and adding it to the food he/she eats but still no joy, anybody have any ideas?
  8. Karen(pebbles)

    Mark on shell

    My year old tort has this marking on his shell, can anybody tell me if it’s normal?
  9. Karen(pebbles)

    certificate info

    does anybody know if there is anyway of finding out the exact d.o.b of a young hermanns from the certificate? only info i can see is the date of registration but would be nice to know when my tort was actually born
  10. Karen(pebbles)

    Incandescent floodlight bulb

    Can’t seem to find these bulbs anywhere here in the uk, can anybody recommend the next best thing for a Herman’s juvenile, the ones at pets at home are awful and doesn’t last long, many thanks
  11. Karen(pebbles)

    Please help,Substrate change

    So today I changed the substrate in my Hermann juvies Viv and he won't go to bed, he has two hides and has wandered in and out of both but isn't settling, normally he's fast asleep by 6.30 and now its 8.30, I've nudged him into his hide and lights are off, do you think it's because of the...
  12. Karen(pebbles)

    Newbie looking for advice on supplementation

    Hi everybody, I'm new to owning a year old Hermann tortoise, I've had him/her for 2 months now, I'm reading so much on here which has been a great help, but this morning I've noticed my tort trying to eat a large pebble in enclosure, maybe he/she mistakes it for food, I dust the food daily with...