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  1. Zamric

    The Elephant Queen

    Last night I watched a Documentary/movie called The Elephant Queen the cronicels the Seasonal migration of a herd of Elephants on the African Savana. one of the many other animals they follow are a pair of Leopard Torts. The male was about half the size of the female which I totally expected...
  2. Zamric

    Escaped Torts on the loose!

    A funny thing happened on my way to the store today.... the maintenance guy for our Clubhouse waved me down and congratulated me on being a grandpa... I looked at him curiously and he said the pool guy found 2 baby torts in the pool area (on the other side of the fence from my yard) Thursday...
  3. Zamric

    Gaia is at it again!

    Well, I found Gaia digging another nest today. She laid 8 or 9 in this one. Is this usual? So far her egg count is about 26 between the 2 nest...
  4. Zamric

    Gaia's Winter Surprise

    Hello Everyone! I know I haven't been around in awhile and to tell the truth, after WalkingRock passed, I had little interest in seeing torts other than mine. Other than that, Life carries on. Today I was out in the yard fixing broken sprinkler heads (I hade 4 that I knew of). I worked my...
  5. Zamric

    Eros and Gaia Check in Fall 2018

    Well, it's been awhile since I've check in with Eros and Gaia. I'll start with Gaia this time because she just had her 7th Birthday Gaia: 7 yrs, 16.5 inch long, 25 lbs Eros: 6.5 yrs. 11 inches, 7 lbs. ...and of course a couples compare size....
  6. Zamric

    WalkingRock-vs- The Grand Adventure

    It is with a heavy heart I have to tell everyone that WalkingRock was found dead in his bunker today. It is believed he succumbed to the extremely harsh winter in Oklahoma. RIP buddy, you will be missed!
  7. Zamric

    Eros and Gaia checking in

    Well, it’s been awhile and I was saddened to see all of my pics gone since Photobucket became a pay to use site. Anyhow.... here are some new pics of Eros, Gaia and their new home in Indio California. You may notice the counter weight for the door. It is very heavy since all walls and the...
  8. Zamric

    WalkingRock -vs- new Friends

    A quick update on WalkingRock. He is doing fine and making new friends everyday!
  9. Zamric

    WalkingRock -vs- A New Dawn

    Well, As promised, here's a photo log of WalkingRocks trip To his new Home in Northern Oklahoma. ...a door opens and the Future calls.... WalkingRock awaits the grand Adventure.... A treat for the road then to my chariot... HEY! I paid for a window seat! Oklahoma is in the air! After...
  10. Zamric

    WalkingRock -vs- last night at home...

    Well I mentioned a month or so ago in my post about Eros and Gaia That we were moving to Southern California (Palm Desert) and WalkingRock was moving to a new home is Oklahoma (family property in the country). I also mentioned that there would be at least one more post by me to get everyone up...
  11. Zamric

    Eros and Gaia Spring 2017 updates

    Hello TFO! I know it's been awhile since the last update and these two "little" guys have had a serious growth spurt! In fortunately I no longer have a set of scales to weigh these two but I do have shell measurments. Eros; Male,5 years 4 months, 9-3/4" long, 5-3/4" wide, 5" tall (legs in)...
  12. Zamric

    Eros and Gaia... a Coming of Age Story

    Once upon a time there was two baby tortoises named Eros and Gaia (Eros is on the right) They spent their first 2 year living in this Twin Enclosure (see Twin Enclosure Phase I-V) As they grew and grew... they needed a new place to live so I built them a Winter home in the closet...
  13. Zamric

    Twin Townhouse for Eros and Gaia

    Well, I've been hinting at Eros and Gaia getting a new outdoor permanate home. the plan has been banging around in my head, all the materials are setting in the garage and this morning we had a sudden drop in temp to 53*.... Time to get to building..... 1st I have to clear the land and prepare...
  14. Zamric

    Eros and Gaia Summer '16

    Hey, I know it been alonngggg time but today I was working in the yard and noticed that Gaia has grown significantly and since it's been awhile..... well heck, here we are.... without further adew.... EROS; Male 4.5 years old, 9.5 in long, 5 in wide, @5lbs ...photobomb by Oberon.... I...
  15. Zamric

    WalkingRock -VS- Eros and Gaia..... again

    Thought I try to recapture a favorite old photo with a more up to date photo..... Here is the Original ....and this is the closest I could come with available space...
  16. Zamric

    WalkingRock, Upclose and personal!

    This is for you Dean, WalkingRock Up Close and Personal! I took these pics because Im working on a carry harness for him and wanted to match it to his scutes!
  17. Zamric

    Eros and Gaia.... A Summer Update

    Hello my friends! I know! Long time, right? Well, it's been a very busy Summer for Westwood's favorite Facilities Manager! I've had little or no time to keep updates on any Social Media but I did get a few pics tonight and wanted to share! Eros (male), 3 yrs 6 months, 1385 gms Gaia...
  18. Zamric

    Eros Makes a Run For It!

    So, Today I was sitting outside and watching Eros and Gaia wandering around their Garden Penthouse and decided I wanted to get a picture or two of the 2 of them together. Oberon help me find them for the shot... First Eros.... Then Gaia... Eros was a bit unruly but I was able to get a few...
  19. Zamric

    WalkingRock gets a Rebuild

    Last weekend, the rains let up and I noticed WalkingRocks Bunker was sagging a little and the roof was not fitting on so well. Not to mention, the poor guy was covered in mud all the time. I opened his roof and found that he was living in a pile of mud and excrement. So I decided it was time for...
  20. Zamric

    Eros and Gaias New Digs

    Well, For those who are following my two little Leopards, Eros and Gaia, today they go outside into their Summer Garden 24/7. It has 3 grape vines that give it nice cover from over head and is also a supplimental food source. It has a river pebble base, scattered and piled tiles and rocks...