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  1. kirsty Johnston

    Anybody know what this is?

    Hi. First nice day in a long time and my tortoise is able to get out the back. He has taken a liking to this weed but I have no idea what it is! Can anybody help so I can check it’s safe to feed?
  2. kirsty Johnston

    Tortoise neck wound - help needed

    Hi all My friend recently got a Russian hatchling and when he first got him a bit of skin was hanging down from his neck (presumably because he was being housed with other tortoises and he got hurt!) but anyway he has just contacted me to say the wound has burst open and is bleeding. He is...
  3. kirsty Johnston

    Diet over winter

    Hello Everyone! As per the advice of my good friends on the TFO I am going to overwinter Beastie this year. As I have just moved home he is a little stressed and I don't want to make things worse by hibernating him - especially when the prep is due to start soon. I do have some concerns though...
  4. kirsty Johnston

    Are these edible?

    Hi everyone! Does anybody know what these weeds are below and if they are edible for my tort? I can't find anything on the TTT. Any help would be appreciated
  5. kirsty Johnston

    New house enclosure!

    Hi everyone! So I'm moving house in August and think this is the perfect opportunity to set up a new indoor and outdoor enclosure for beastie. At the moment he has both an indoor and outdoor enclosure but I've felt like I've never been able to give him the awesome enclosures he deserves because...
  6. kirsty Johnston

    How many Greek tortoises should I have?

    Hi everyone I currently have a male Greek Ibera called beastie who is awesome! I was wondering what people's thoughts were on keeping more than 1. I understand that I would probably need to get 2 females and keep them in separate enclosures. I keep getting mixed opinions on what I should do...
  7. kirsty Johnston

    Humidity for Greek tortoise

    Hi everyone! What's the recommended humidity for a greek tortoise ibera? On the care sheets it only refers to hatchlings having a 65-70% humidity however my tort is 3-4 years old now so would be good to just confirm that's correct for older torts as well Thanks!
  8. kirsty Johnston

    Flashing problems

    Hi everyone! You may have seen my post before around concerns I had over a potential prolapse in my tort. I took him to the vets and they confirmed there was no prolapse and because he was getting older he was getting a little broody lol! So everyday he is flashing me! It goes back after maybe...
  9. kirsty Johnston

    What species?

    Hi everyone! I was looking for some help identifying what species my tortoise is. It sounds silly but when we first initially bought him he was advertised as a Greek spur thighed tortoise. However on his certificate (which you legally need to have in the UK) it says the country of origin was...
  10. kirsty Johnston

    help! possible penile prolapse

    Hi Its 12:26am here is Scotland and I can not sleep because I'm really worried about my greek spur thighed tortoise. Recently he has been pooing a lot less and whilst I was bathing him last night he managed to go with sone difficulty, the thing is when he went it was like his penis came out...
  11. kirsty Johnston

    Is this shell rot?

    Hi Guys, I'm really worried about my tortoise, I think she may have Shell Rot but being a new owner I have no idea if this is the case but it doesnt look right. Her shell has been like this since I got her 3 weeks ago from the local pet shop. Could somebody please look at my attached picture and...
  12. kirsty Johnston

    Shell Rot

    Hi Guys, I think my Greek Spur thighed tortoise may have Shell Rot, her shell is peeling underneath her shell. I am looking to do a full treatment on her to clear it up however not too sure on how I would do this. Could somebody give me some advise? Also I read when you are treating shell rot...
  13. kirsty Johnston

    how often should a tortoise pee?

    Hi guy's How often should a tortoise pee? I have had my greek spur thighed tortoise for 3 weeks and she has only peed twice. She always has fresh water in her enclosure and I have been bathing her pretty much everyday. Sorry for asking what probably sounds like a silly question I just want to...
  14. kirsty Johnston

    tortoise in conservatory

    Hi, I got a tortoise on Sunday and I have her in the conservatory. She is a greek spurphi and quite small. We built her enclosure ourselves out of wood and we have an 85 watt uva uvb and heat bulb at one side and at the other side I have her food and water as its cooler. I am waiting for the...