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    Sulcata baby looking for a new home.

    I will. Thanks.
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    Sulcata baby looking for a new home.

    Im not asking for money. I just want someone with experience who understands what kind of care he needs. Im not sure about shipping. Ive never shipped live animals to anyone. If I can find out the best way to ship and keep him warm, then yes, as long as its not all the way across the country.
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    Sulcata baby looking for a new home.

    Approximately 8-9 month old sulcata baby for adoption to knowledgeable tortoise home. I got him July 3rd, 2018, from The Turtle Source. I am looking for someone with experience who would like to take him and give him more time than I have to get him to thrive. Please feel free to take the time...
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    I think this may be the start of the downhill slide..[emoji22]

    Ive been keeping it about 85. Ill get some baby food for soaking. Thank you
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    I think this may be the start of the downhill slide..[emoji22]

    I think our baby, Sheldon, may finally be succombing to his breeder failure. He was 4-5 months old when we got him, and is now about 9 months old. Still hasnt really grown or gained weight, despite all the right care. Something happened last night to the power at his tank, and the heater didnt...
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    hi! i am new

    What are the temperatures in your tank?
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    hi! i am new

    Can you put him in a warm shallow tub of water? Usually they will start moving if they are alive. He should not be able to get cold. Do you have a nice warm basking spot for him?
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    In need of advice

    Its recommended by many that you do NOT house tortoises together, no matter what sex. Is it possible for you to make 2 enclosures? Possibly cut the one you have in half?
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    Babies Aren't Growing

    Thank you!
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    heat pads?

    Im not sure that would put out the heat needed for digestion. Also, wont you have a light for the cage anyway? The one thing I heard is that a heat mat is bad for them to LAY on, as they could burn or overheat. They work suspended for heat, but I dont think they can replace light. Im sure some...
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    Babies Aren't Growing

    Those leopards are beautiful!
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    The Turtle Source- a customer review.

    At the end of June 2018, I purchased 2 18-20 week old "well started" sulcata hatchlings from The Turtle Source. Both were to be hatchlings with extra scutes. I had seen them on youtube and heard that they were one of the largest breeders of turtles and tortoises in the southeast, and since they...
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    Show off your closed chamber enclosure.

    This is the one I just built. It has double walls, ceiling and floor, with insulation between the walls. I have my 2 sulcata hatchlings in it. Due to the plexiglass, it doesnt hold heat as much as Id like, but it holds humidity very well.
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    Enclosure ideas

    Id have to go over the receipts to be sure, but between $600-700 is a good estimate. You could probably do it a bit cheaper with different front doors and single walls, instead of double insulated walls. Depend on where youre putting it and the climate. I live in central Florida and it sits on...
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    Enclosure ideas

    Yes. Im no master carpenter, but it wasnt a hard build.
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    Yay!! Starting new enclosure!

    Sorry, its been hectic here and I forgot to reply! I used furring strips and thin plywood sheets for most of it. There is also styrofoam insulation in between the walls and floor ( its double walled, floored and double ceiling with insulation). Stick on laminate tiles for the floor, and I sealed...
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    Zilla and Shelldon not gaining weight...

    I guess its one step forward,another step back. I weighed them today after soaking, and they both LOST a gram or two. Ive even been giving them free choice to all kinds of food the last few days to see if they would gain more, thinking maybe I wasnt feeding enough, even though they always have...
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    Back Legs- Highly Concerned with my Baby Russian

    Oh, Im so sorry....[emoji20]