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  1. Tom

    Is my Tortoise having Puffy Eye? :(

    How and where are you housing them? Are they in a small glass tank with no substrate? Indoors or out? Can we see a pic of the enclosure and the bulbs you are using? How far over the torts is the UV bulb? Do you have a UV meter? You said 30-35 C, but where and when? What are your four...
  2. Tom

    Has anyone bought from American Reptile Distributors?

    What species are you looking to purchase? Why not buy directly from a good breeder?
  3. Tom

    male or female?

    All torts look female when they re juveniles, so you might have a male. Russians are a scrappy species and females are often territorial and show dominance displays. Could be either.
  4. Tom

    Sick 6 month old Sulcata Tortoise

    We need more info. How long have you had him? What type of UV bulb are you using? What size and type enclosure? What are your four temperatures? Warm side, cool side, basking area and over night low? What substrate? Did the breeder soak daily, and keep them mostly inside on damp substrate with...
  5. Tom

    Difficulty tearing food

    I didn't see this the first time around. Tortoises don't usually take to new foods right away. Most things need a lengthy introductory period where you start with tiny amounts and gradually add more day by day. It doesn't not need to be below 50% humidity to take your tortoise outside. They do...
  6. Tom


    The dried stuff from Kapidolo farms isn't meant to be a meal. Its meant to be mixed in with other foods. They can't help eating it because its stuck to their food. Start with just a little at first and add more in time. After a while, they get used to it and really like it.
  7. Tom


    The books are wrong. I read all of them and still have a whole bookshelf of them. For decades there has been this mass culture of the wrong info that was based on incorrect assumptions of how they live in the wild. It didn't work, and a bunch of us figured out what DOES work. That is what we are...
  8. Tom

    I would love input on an outdoor sulcata shelter!

    Here ya' go:
  9. Tom


    Kamp Kenan does it wrong. That is a terrible place to get advice. Mixing species is a recipe for disaster. You will eventually learn this the hard way if you refuse to listen to us. You are also feeding the wrong foods. Read this for the correct care info...
  10. Tom

    Matteo Going Nuts Over UV Lighting

    You do need more. Make a rack over the top of the enclosure from 2x4s or pvc pipe and hang it from that with some light chain. Approximately 20 inches from bulb to surface should work, but we are only guessing without a meter.
  11. Tom

    Matteo Going Nuts Over UV Lighting

    I agree with Mark's assessment. Do you have a UV meter? That's the only way to know what your bulb is putting out. You should also firmly hand pack that coir. Its too loose.
  12. Tom

    Baby Redfoot Tortoise Plastron

    Totally normal. Your temps are too low. No lower than 80 at night or during the day. Shoot for 82-86 all day. Are you using a closed chamber? You should be. That's the only way to maintain the correct temps and humidity, unless you live in a tropical jungle and have no windows on your house.
  13. Tom

    Star tortoise diet

    Stop reading things from that source. They are wrong and probably full of all sorts of other misinformation and incorrect old wives tails. Here is the correct care info, including diet:
  14. Tom

    Update on my CB group

    Tort Knox. I love it. They look fantastic. The way you do tortoises is inspirational.
  15. Tom

    Organic soil

    I use whatever brand my local garden centers carry. I buy it in bulk for a fraction of the pet store price. Home Depot and Lowes usually don't have it near me, but some do in other parts of the country sometimes. OSH used to carry a good brand. Here is the hibernation info. You can skip to post...
  16. Tom

    Help with sick sulcata

    You need to contact the source and inform them that they are selling tortoises with a terrible untreatable uncurable highly contagious disease. You can also let them know that tortoises should never be housed in pairs. Both of these animals should be humanely euthanized and their bodies...
  17. Tom

    Water filtration

    Most people just dump, rinse and refill because of the problems you are seeing. You'd need a much larger water volume and a large filter like what Mark described to even begin to handle all the turtle waste, much less the substrate.
  18. Tom

    What type of tortoise is this?

    Here is the correct care info:
  19. Tom


    No. There is no way to know the age of a tortoise unless you know when it hatched. That one is probably somewhere around 10 years old.
  20. Tom

    Redfoot laid eggs outside. Need some advice