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    Gopherus aggassizii captive husbandry

    I may be receiving a captive bred Gopherus aggassizii from a friend out west. I am in Florida and doubt I could do an outdoor enclosure because of the humidity. If you could, leave any tips you might have for me if I do receive this tortoise.
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    Homopus Availablity

    Does anyone know of any in the genus Homopus avaliable outside of Africa (Europe, North America)? When was the last time one went for sale and to whom if no one is currently breeding or importing? Thank you
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    Pancake Tortoises in Florida?

    Wow I did not know that thank you for the information, I was misinformed and thought that elongateds were the few torts that could be housed in pairs. So if I can not get my hands on the pancakes, a larger enclosure and a trio of redfoots would work?
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    Pancake Tortoises in Florida?

    Hey all, I am planning on building a large tortoise enclosure outdoors, most likely 8x8x4 (with lots of rockwork and a tight screen top). I am in central Florida on the coast and it gets around 90-95 in the summer and cools down towards 65-70 in winter. I love pancake tortoises but I do not know...