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    Can any help? (Edges of shell looks thin)

    Hi, I recently adopted this tortoise. his shell looks really thin at the ends. Any tips?
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    Painting a viv

    Hi, The viv I was given with my horsefield needs a little TLC. I wanted to paint the outside of it and wondered if anyone had done the same and if they had any recommendations to what paint to use. Thanks
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    Tortoise acting weird

    Hi everyone, My tortoise has been quiet and I went to check on him and he’s abit cold. The temp is 85f. he’s like bopping his shoulders forwards and back slowly. Like it’s his breathing? And he’s not moving about just in one place. Any ideas?
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    Hello, I went to the pet shop yesterday and was advised to use 60w basking bulb. I’ve been researching and a lot use 100w. he’s Horsefield and only young, I believe under 1. I’ve bought a 100w basking bulb instead of the 60w. it’s all so confusing the different watt bulbs and knowing which...
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    New Horsefield, advice and tips please

    Hello, I’ve recently acquired a horsefield tortoise.I have been doing some research but it’s not very clear and conflicting. he’s come with a infrared 25w spot bulb. He hasn’t got a thermometer to check the temp, I’m waiting for this to come today. I’m just wondering if you guys recommend this...