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  1. Dudley The Sulcata

    Lighting issues

    I have a closed chamber setup for my sulcata hatchling & am having issues with the lighting. The light hangs inside the tank, & im guessing due to humidity it burns out every 2-3 weeks. Has anyone else had an issue with this?
  2. Dudley The Sulcata

    Any users in Scotland?

    I have the opportunity to go to med school in a few years in Scotland. This is still a few years away and definitely not set in stone. I am curious to see if anyone on the forum resides in Scotland and keeps a sulcata? I'm really just curious on the matter. I don't even know what the laws are...
  3. Dudley The Sulcata

    Silly Dudley

    I often leave the back door open during the mornings & Dudley has recently figured out how to climb the step up into the house. The first time he came in I got some him some treats from the kitchen & now he associates the kitchen with tasty treats. If the door is closed He will attempt to plow...
  4. Dudley The Sulcata

    More Myrtle Questions

    I recently purchased a sulcata hatchling, she's about 3 weeks old now. She seems very well adjusted- she's very active, not shy at all, she's getting daily soaks and about 4 hours of outside time everyday. Humidity stays around 82% and temp 90 It took her a few days to start eating, but she did...
  5. Dudley The Sulcata

    Dudley update!

    I haven't been active for a couple of years, I thought I'd share a few picture of Dudley! Notice the snail that's hitched a ride :) Gotta watch the toes, the red polish enticed him lol Here's a picture from a couple years ago
  6. Dudley The Sulcata

    Soft plastron

    Hey guys! I haven't posted recently. Three days ago I purchased a two week old sulcata that I named Myrtle :) my Dudley was not a baby when I purchased him, so this is new territory. I noticed Myrtles shell was kind of wrinkled, but I know that's from being squished in an egg, however I was...
  7. Dudley The Sulcata

    Injured Ornate Box HELP!

    Hey guys, I found an injured ornate box turtle in my front yard this evening. His wounds look pretty fresh. He has a small puncture wound in his carapace and his shell is chewed up near the back left leg and all around the front part of the carapace. Some parts of the chewed portion seem a...
  8. Dudley The Sulcata

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas from Dudley and I!
  9. Dudley The Sulcata

    Best friends!

    I like to think that these two are the best of friends. Ginger ( dog ) always pouts when Dudley ( tort ) ignores her! Hah! However! I never leave the two alone due to the many horror stories I've heard about dogs and torts!
  10. Dudley The Sulcata

    Tortoise toenails

    I was just curious if my torts nails are too long. If yes, then how do I go a about trimming them?
  11. Dudley The Sulcata

    Libyan greek breeders?

    Does anyone know of any Libyan Greek breeders? What is the general price range for these tortoises? I'm hoping to get one soon :) I would like to POSSIBLY look into breeding them.
  12. Dudley The Sulcata

    Day at the park!

    Dudley and I decided to go the park for a few hours today! It gave us some new places to explore! :) I loved bringing a little spunk into the lives of the park goers! They seemed to enjoy seeing him! Another picture just for fun :)
  13. Dudley The Sulcata

    Tortoise fever! :D

    I totally have tortoise fever. I dream of having lots of land filled with various kinds of tortoises! Ha! :) My sulcata is doing wonderfully! I have put a stop to the the minor pyramiding that he had when I first got him and He is now living happily outside In a sectioned off part of our yard...
  14. Dudley The Sulcata


    I have had Dudley for 6 months now! He has most definitely gained weight and now eats whatever I put in front of him! When I first got him he had some minor pyramiding and if I'm not mistaken his shell seems to be smoothing out some! I think I'm doing pretty good for a newbie! :D
  15. Dudley The Sulcata

    Looking to adopt Sulcata

    I am looking to adopt a sulcata tortoise around 7-12 inches and that is ready to live outdoors. I live in the Dallas/ Fort worth area and I'm hoping to find one nearby. :) Thank you!
  16. Dudley The Sulcata

    Plant suggestions?

    Hey guys! So I am in the process of building an outdoor tortoise pen similar to the one below. I am wondering, what are some relatively easy plants to plant in the pen? I live in Texas... I would like some flowers and herbs if possible. Thanks!
  17. Dudley The Sulcata

    Henbit toxic to sulcatas?

    I have let my Sulcata roam around my yard and eat pretty much whatever plants he wants. I am 99.99% sure he has eaten henbit. After finding a post about henbit being toxic to sulcatas, I did a little research and I am finding conflicting answers. Help! If it is toxic, What will happen to...
  18. Dudley The Sulcata

    Dudley the Sulcata!

    I take Dudley out for walks everyday and he insists on walking on the sidewalk! Haha!
  19. Dudley The Sulcata

    Gender guess?

    I know it's probably to early to give a definite answer, but I just want a guess! :) I have no idea how old he is, but he is about 5 inches in diameter!