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  1. kjakola

    Help: Strange behavior after flipping

    Hi all, I woke up this morning in a great mood, only to feel the horror I know others on this forum have felt when I checked on my baby Hermann's, Charlie, only to see that he had flipped himself over and was straining and stretching all of his limbs out to right himself. As I had no idea how...
  2. kjakola

    New Hermann's owner

    Hey all, I'm Kaitlyn, very new owner to the adorable little Charlie, a baby Hermann's tortoise. Other than a mite scare that was actually probably just me overreacting to a critter that came in the substrate, Charlie's been a breeze to take care of. He's currently relaxing in a temporary...
  3. kjakola


    Hello, My name is Kaitlyn and I'm new to tortoises — I just got my little guy, a baby Hermann's named Charlie, yesterday. He's been great so far, super active and munching away on an assortment of plants, but there is one thing that's got me concerned. This morning when I woke up and...