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  1. ian_zhang

    Turtle counting game

    Well, How many turtle are there in the pic guys ? :D
  2. ian_zhang

    about Galapagos....

    According to wikipedia and some reptile websites. I know that Galapagos is the largest tortoise, but I dont know how big and weight of the biggest one which ever known. I read somewhere that it will be about 1,2meters ( 4ft ) and weight over 300kg (661 lb). but it seems that this one is way...
  3. ian_zhang

    My ninja turtle :|

    My house doesnt have lawn or backyard,so I just let the turtle walk on the floor :cool: ( anyway, my house is dirty enough, so it can not make it worse :D ). And in the evening, before going to bed, I put it into the...bird cage :| in order to find it easily in the next morning, I used to do it...
  4. ian_zhang

    Pic : turtles in some pagoda in Vietnam

    hey ! this my very first thread in this forum despite the fact that I have been visting it everyday. I hope these picture make you pleased You know, for Buddhist. when you release some things back to nature, it means you had released the sorrow of yourself too, and it will also make you lucky...