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    My yearling Ginger just passed

    It pains me to say this but my sully Ginger just passed due to organ failure. She looked like she had hope as yesterday she looked fine but this morning i woke up to see her lying dead and lifeless in her enclosure. 😭😭😭 As a highschooler i'm taking sometime to process this as she/he was my first...
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    Very lethargic baby sulcata refuses to eat closed eyes

    It been 2 days since Ginger has fallen lethargic she hasn't grown since september 2020, a slightly dark area is seen from her plastron and around 2 weeks ago her plastron was just fine, she keeps pooping since last night and the poop consistency is very mooshy and not firm, i've been force...
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    No urates after eating pellets

    So recently ive been feeding some mazuri pellets to my sully but i havent seen her/him pass any urates for a week now. She pees whenever i soak her however she doesnt seem to be drinking on her own and since i dont want her to get a bladder stone again i've taken measures by wetting her food but...
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    Zoo Med Electrolyte Soak

    Any thoughts on ZooMed's electrolyte soak product? I might consider buying it so that my tort becomes more hydrated since she barely to never drinks in her soaks so I was wondering if anyone on the forum has ever used this product
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    So it's been a few months since ive seen my little ginger look puffy like this. I soak 2x a day for 20 minutes and feed mulberry leaves, aloe, opuntia cactus and hibiscus leaves. A week ago i visited the vet and he told me that my guy looks normal but for the past 2 months she isnt drinking on...
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    White skin on baby sulcata

    So i've asked the seller abt this and he said that he's nvr experienced this on any of his torts and after going thru a few threads i see that most people recommend neosporin to help aid the skin. However if i get neosporin and apply it on my baby's skin and if i soak her will she accidentally...
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    Mazuri ls and urates

    Great news :) my baby ginger (my tortoises name) loves the mazuri ls diet that i bought and i have a few questions as well. For a few days i've been seeing urate texture like the one below. Its kinda pasty but its like theres a few soft sand particles (not gritty but soft powder like) but...
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    Shell rot?

    So i've recently realized that there are different coloured whiteish spots on my baby's plastron. By any chance is this shellrot? Also if so i am planning on buying an antiseptic ointment to treat it but i dont know whether after applying it and soaking my baby and in a situation if she ingests...
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    Baby sulcata diet variety

    Hi so i've been wondering if my baby's diet has enough variety. Here's the list: Mulberry leaves Hibiscus leaves Siomak (a grocery veggie high in fiber) A bit of lettuce (for hydration purposes) Opuntia cactus As for weeds idk what to feed as there are many weeds here in Indonesia which i can't...
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    Pee colouration

    My baby just peed today but im worried about the colouration as it's usually transparent white. And i have seen urates for a few days now with a pasty consistency. I have been feeding hibiscus leaves and flowers for a few days now
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    Is my baby puffy?

    So recently i've noticed that my baby looks kinda fat. I posted some pics below. She can still get into her shell but whenever she does her hind legs look a bit puffy. Yesterday she did eat quite a lot though and i soak her 1 hour from 7-8am and another hour from 7-8 pm. Is it possible that...
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    Mazuri tortoise diet

    Hi so i'm planning on buying mazuri pellets for my baby tortoiseand i have seen a few threads saying the oriiginal one is better and i was wondering if this was the original one. Also is there a chance that if i get the pellets and my baby doesnt like them because i have seen a few keepers and...
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    Baby sulcata natural uvb

    I know there have been a lot of threads abt this already but i need confirmation. I ditched the coiled uvb bulb about a month ago and if I sunbathe my baby while soaking for an hour is it enough? How long should i sunbathe my baby? I soak my baby for 1 hour in the morning and another hour in the...
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    Normal poop?

    So my baby sulcata has been pooping a different consistency for about 3 days now. The mormal consistency i usuay see is firm and a bit moist and if pressed with a tissue it feels squishy but for the pasy 3 days the poop has a bit of firmess if my baby poops in the enclosure but has a more moist...
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    Baby sulcata got bladder stone

    So i just arrived from the vet and according to the xray my baby got a bladder stone and the vet also preducted that the sellee possible started the baby dry. He said that to help loosen it so that the stone would be able to come out soak 3x a day with warm water and feed papaya. Any...
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    Bladder stone/impaction?

    So while giving my baby sulcata his/her evening soak and i started to realize that at one moment i saw the lil guy hold still in one position in the soak (warm water with uva) as if he/she was trying to push something out and at the end around 15 seconds later his/her head instantly goes into...
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    One of ginger's quirks

    Hey guys just wanted to post a photo of one of ginger's quirks as i don't think i've seen any other tort do this 😅 Oftenwise if i get to see this moment right before a poop ginger does a downwards dog pose then goes to do his/her business then wags his/her tail after
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    Clarifying myths from Indonesian breeders and sellers

    Hi so i've heard abt a lot of outdated or sketchy info from the breeders and sellers here I am creating this thread so that the experts here can help me clarify these myths so that indonesian sulcata owners or any other sulcata owners will not get tricked by the sellers. 1. Soaking a baby...
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    I need urgent help my cousin's baby sulcata isn't looking well. When we tried to shine a flashlight on the lil guys shell we could see some light pass through from the plastron. Pls respond as soon as possible and pls give suggestions on how to help and wether we should bring the lil guy to the vet
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    Substrate for baby sulcata

    Hi so i've been wondering which substrate is good for baby sulcatas because here in indonesia I only trust exoterra as it is the brand that i trust most since I have no access to zoo med. So I need help on which substrate to use as here exoterrra provides plantation soil,forest moss and coco...