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  1. Lyles

    4 YO Female Three-Toed Mating Followed By Nesting Behavior

    I found it hard to believe that my female began mating earlier this month of April. I always thought that box turtles generally become sexually mature between seven and ten years. However, this happened. Then, just a few days ago, I've seen nesting behavior every evening. I have no way...
  2. Lyles

    Thrips Population Control in Terrarium

    I've noticed for the past couple of weeks an epidemic of tiny winged insects, called thrips, have continued to multiply at a staggering rate inside my terrarium. I haven't even seen mites reproduce this fast, every day when I remove their food dish it is covered in them and the next day the...
  3. Lyles

    3D Images of my Box Turtles

    I recently got my hands on a used Evo 3D and decided to take some 3D images of my box turtles. They turned out great, all you need is some red/cyan glasses to enjoy. :D
  4. Lyles

    Potential Additon

    I've been considering adding another to my herd. I really want a good looking female ornate, and I'm waiting on a couple of suppliers to get back to me with some pics of their stock. However, I ran into an ad for this guy. I already have a male Eastern, but the pattern and color really...
  5. Lyles

    My Three-Toed Introduction Thread

    This one was from my first batch that came from a Three-Toed X Gulf Coast Hybrid I rescued from a construction zone. The mother was so light it seemed to defy physics, I had no idea how she lived. When I took her in I placed her on anti-parasitic pellets. What I saw during...
  6. Lyles

    First Project: Turtletarium

    This was the first project I've ever done, and I still use it today. I used yellow pine 2x4s, plexiglass and wood chip board. Covered the whole thing, inside and out, with four coats of natural non-toxic waterproof varnish. Didn't have much in terms of tools, just a meter stick and a hand...
  7. Lyles

    My Eastern Male Intro + a Question

    I've had Toby for about three years now after procuring him from a breeder in S. Carolina. The following have been taken the day I received him. He was a juvie at the time. Three years later, this is how he looks: He is one of the most friendly boxie I've ever had. 0 retraction...
  8. Lyles

    New to the Forums, Long Time Boxie Keeper

    Hey guise, just want to share my boxie pics and share knowledge. I've kept boxies all me life, from Gulf Coast, Three-Toes, Orients to Easterns. I've recently gave most of my herd to a local wildlife rescue that is trying to repopulate the dwindling box turtle numbers that have been affected...