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    Its summer time Lets get some of that goooood good UV :D

    Post your summer pics yall happy may
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    Support tortoise

    I think our tortoise Shelly has become our older dogs support animal. So a bit of background Hazel is blind and deaf, but she can still smell which is how she experiences the world. Recently our other dog of 18 years passed away(inoperable benign tumor). Hazel is also a rescue and was severly...
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    Herman's alpha other torts at lottery Torts pick winning lottery lol
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    When you have all the room in the world and . . .

    . . . you choose the hardest, most sideways path. You could go around the tube or through the tube lmao
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    Awake and on the move Shelly's first hibrenation

    I decided to let Shelly hibrenate this year as it just seemed like her internal clock demanded it. I let the temperature drop in her enclosure and set my thermostat. To keep a constant temperature and not let it drop to low. Her enclosure is raised off the ground with an oak base and plastic...
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    Outside Dayclosure

    Finally got around to building a new day pen. For my Herman's this one is roughly 6'x14'
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    Having a hard time identifying sub-species.

    We got our pair a year ago and were told they were "Herman's" now I have educated myself more thoroughly. I am still having trouble identifying their subspecies as they exhibit traits from western Hermann's but I have my doubts. Included is photos of the female as I was just bathing her. I'll...
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    Keeping 2 male Hermann's

    Firstly I recognize this is not a good thing to normally do. I am keeping close tabs on an hourly basis to monitor the situation. We had originally not realized that it was a bad idea when we first got them and the shop owner said it should be fine. I have extensively worked on their environment...
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    I present my Torty Mansion 4'x4'x2'

    My tortoises get a lot of outside time so when the weather isn't permitting they got restless in their old enclosure. I have resolved to fix that. With a bigger enclosure with 2 levels a rock wall and a fountain lake. Paired with a. Nice amount of plants to roll around in!!!!!! It was a fun process.