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    Bullying - should the one bullying be re-homed to a 1 tortoise home?

    Adult female yellow foot bullying adult male red foot. I am also re-homing them. Should the one that is bullying go to a 1 tortoise home? Will she continue to bully in a new situation with other tortoises? They grew up together, so they have a long history together. Thanks for any suggestions...
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    Still looking for homes down south for 2 tortoises

    Still looking for new homes down south for 2 adult tortoises. Grew up in Pittsburgh and now need to have a outdoor homes all year round. ( Red foot and Yellow Foot, probably to separate homes) Thanks, Mitch4
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    Looking to rehome RF and YF

    I live in Pittsburgh and would like to find them homes in the warmer states. I’ve had them for many years and they are very healthy. If anyone is interested please contact me. I prefer they have plenty of room to roam and a climate that they don’t need to come inside 6 months of the year. Mitch4
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    I have a yellowfoot w/URI

    I have a yellowfoot, 12" , who I'm pretty sure has an URI. I've had since a baby and never had any issues before. I called a reptile vet for an appointment, but I couldn’t get a vet appt. till 2/4. I’ve been giving her soaks and putting her under 150watt ceramic lamp. Is there anything else I...
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    New, have 1 red foot, a yellow foot and a box turtle.

    My yellow and red foot tortoises grew up together as babies. Now YF is 12” and RF is larger at 14”. Recently the YF who I’m sure is female follows the male RF everywhere and when she gets close is always bobbing her head back and forth and looks as if she is going to bite him in the face. The...