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    African sideneck turtles

    Every time I walk into Petsmart, they have at least one of these. Always cute and personable. But I don't find a lot of useful info on keeping them inside. I would have a 65 gallon tank to house one in if we decide to go this route (there are currently still a few fish that would be brought to...
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    Male or no?

    I thought I had only one male, but now I'm wondering if maybe this one is as well? Not letting me see the underside of the tail.... About 4.5 years old
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    what type of box turtle? Gulf Coast maybe?

    He's back under again, but I'd say 7" ish inches already
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    what type of box turtle? Gulf Coast maybe?

    I can't tell if he might be a gulf coast or an eastern. He was born in my outdoor enclosure by a turtle given to me 4.5 years ago. I'm in coastal AL. He's the only male, the rest are females. One - he's a horny little bugger Two - he's related to everybody I need to find him a new home before I...
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    Veggies and greens

    I just did up a bunch of proteins for the turtles. I'd like to add at least some greens/veggies into the bags before freezing so I can just pull a bag at night and feed the next morning. My turtles don't seem to be big veggie/green eaters, so hoping if I mix it, they might just end up eating...
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    can I determine sex yet? 2013 hatch

    That was my thought as well, but DH said there was no way they were all females. So I then went back out and found them all again and put them in a box to bring in and take pics so I had side by side comparisons and still thought they all looked the same.
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    can I determine sex yet? 2013 hatch

    3 of them I know are 2013 hatch. We had 4, one died, so I know we had 3. The following year I told DH I saw 4 babies in the pen. He didn't believe me, so I rounded them up... found 5. 2 were much smaller than the others. So not sure if maybe those 2 were a 2014 hatch? As of this year, 1 of them...
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    How do I help my Turtle?!

    Since you are in CA, have you thought about maybe setting up an outdoor enclosure for her? Or even just one you can plop her in for a few hours a day to soak up that natural light?
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas It was 77 here yesterday. I had one pop out for a swim and another just pop out to say hi
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    Found Gulf Goast Box turtle hatchling, please help.

    Baby turtles don't tend to eat plants so much, so it won't likely be an issue. Things mine are supposed to like they won't even touch. I've actually never seen them try to eat any of the plants in their garden.
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    Is it time to bring my (6-8 month old) hatchlings indoors?

    I've had 5 hatchlings do just fine hibernating on their own outside. They are now 3 years old and slowing down for the season. As long as they are healthy, you really don't have to bring them in. You already have loose ground for them, so just pile on some yard waste on top and they will be good...
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    Baby Eastern Box

    Based on size, I'd say 2-3 years old. I have some babies that were that size when 2 and a couple that are that size at 3.
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    Help/advice with Eastern Box

    Dig down/loosen some soil at one end/corner of the pen. Pile on leaves and other natural ground materials from your area on top of the dug up area. She'll start hanging out in there and realize she can dig down further on her own
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    box turtle poop prolems

    The only thing that eats the strawberries of the plants I planted specifically for the turtles in their pen, the 2 newest chickens. Nobody else likes strawberries in this house other than me and 1 of the dogs (ducks, the other chickens, the turtles, the other dog, the husband). The turtles have...
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    Help Identifying My tortoise Species

    That little guy needs some serious soaking and some upkeep. Good luck with him.
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    ebt laying eggs

    Mine hibernated their first year outside and all were fine. I live in a warmer winter climate area though
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    Box Turtle Hibernation

    If the turtle is outside, just make sure the enclosure has a space that will be easy for them to dig into. I pill pine straw and leaves in an area. Last year mine went down late and then were up and about quite a bit for a while before staying down for a bit.
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    How fast they grow in 3 years

    They are gulf coast and Clementine probably is as big as she looks. She is very much a 2 handed girl. I don't pick them up often, but each time I pick her up, I'm always surprised at how heavy she is.
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    How fast they grow in 3 years

    3 years ago I was looking in the turtle garden and saw some mulch that didn't seem right. Went to investigate and saw a baby turtle that had just hatched. And then found some more. They grew a little (and somebody got their foot chomped that first year as well - I call this one Stumpy...
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    gulf coast diet

    I've read many pages of what a gulf coast turtle should eat... Mine didn't read those pages. Strawberries - HA, they just stomp on them to let me know how much they do NOT like them. We have offered a variety of veggies and they really just don't like too many of them. Tomatoes, sometimes squash...