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    6th Annual Tortoise Forum Calendar Photo Contest!

    I entered! :D Unfortunately I brilliantly forgot to use the form when I sent my photo....but I resent it correctly. Aren't I a genius? (*bangs head against brick wall*)
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    ZooMed Tortoise House

    I got one to start off my RT and it is too small. As everyone else said, LOL. I am going to either build tort a new cage or connect 2 (or 3!) of these cages to make more room for her. It would work for a small hatchling, though. Oh, and I was disappointed that the wood was not finished...
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    Digging to China

    Russian Torts dig a lot in the wild and this behavior is completely normal. Just means you've got a healthy tort!!
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    Help!! Husky got ahold of my Russian

    This sounds like great advice. This has never happened to me personally but I have always obsessed overly dog getting the tort. Keep us posted! Fingers crossed.
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    I love my tortoise

    Aw, he is beautiful. Have fun with him!
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    Strawberry George!

    Awww, I'll bet they are cute. My tort says "GIMME SOME!!!" :p
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    BEST diet for russian tortoise..?

    Although I know lots of people have had good experience with feeding weeds from outside, I tried it and it gave my Russian a massive internal parasite outbreak. I don't know if it was something about where I lived (Florida at the time) but I am definitely not going to try that again unless it's...
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    Weather right Now

    Do you have a good, warm, dry enclosure for her inside? If you do, I would take her in just to be on the safe side. You might want to soak her daily for a couple days after you bring her in, though, so it isn't so much of a shock for her to go from such wet weather to completely dry weather...
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    we lost our baby :(

    Oh no, I'm so sorry. I'm no expert so I won't try to diagnose, but let me just say I am so, so, so sorry for your loss. I know what it feels like to use a young pet unexpectedly (my dog killed my 2-month-old hamster a few months ago) and know it is a heartbreaking experience. Best wishes for...
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    My tort just ate a mushroom

    Thanks everyone! As of now (about 4 1/2 hours after her exposure to the mushrooms) she has not exhibited any unnatural signs, so I thinks she's going to be OK. I'll monitor her behavior more closely after this. @Tom, about the dedicated enclosure, I definitely see your point. I am probably...
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    My tort just ate a mushroom

    I was romping Myrtle today for 30 minutes and reading my Kindle while she ran. I looked up to see her eating something, checked on her, and she was eating a mushroom! I am worried that these might be poisonous. They are about nickel-sized and brown colored. The tops are flat and look like...
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    What's the minimum space requirement for a Russian?

    OK. Sorry to bring this thread up from the dead, but the new news is that when we close on a house (we're house shopping right now) we can build a cage for Myrtle AND get a fish tank stand for my fish tank. :D Every time we go to a house I say "Buy it, just buy it, it's beautiful" :P
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    Frankie Tortoise Tails: Notes on Summer 2013

    Never stop loving Frankie ^.^ :D
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    OMG! Our New family member is coming early!!

    Congrats on the new family member!! I have no experience with sulcatas, but if I ever get the space and time I think it would be so super neat to own one. I can imagine how excited you are right now! Just focus on not having a heart attack...and keep yourself busy :P. Can't wait to see...
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    An observation

    Same here with my Russian. She lives outside but goes out to roam freely for 30 minutes every day. She is SO much more active when she gets out...I love wowing the neighbors and guests like "Oh yeah, this is my tortoise...she goes out sometimes." And you can tell they're thinking "Oh no, this...
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    Too funny!

    These are fabulous! LOL :cool::P
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    Your First Tort

    My first tort is my only tort...I've only had her for a year :P. Basically I just saw the ad for her in PetSmart and without ever having seen a Russian I informed my parents that that was what I wanted for my birthday. And...surprise...or not so surprise, that's what I got :D. Lucky little me!
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    Tort fans phone cases!!

    Oh those are so awesome!! ^.^ I wish they had one for my phone, but I don't have an iPhone. That's first on my list if and when I ever get one :D.
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    Aww, congratulations! Randy looks like such a nice little tort ;). Have fun with your new family member!!
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    This is what i did...

    Looks great! Nice job :D. Lucky little sully...