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    Another tortoise?+new tortoise owner tips

    hello everyone! I hope you are having a good day! So recently about 2-3 weeks ago I adopted a female Hermann tortoise named Sophie from a breeder close by. I originally had built a very large outdoor encloser for her becuse I new I wanted to have more than 1 tortoise I wanted to eventually have...
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    Hermann tortoise hiding a lot?

    hello everyone! My name is Sarah and I have a question about my female eastern Hermann tortoise named Sophie I just got her about 5 days ago from this local breeder. And she seems to be doing fine except she hides a lot almost every time I go to check on her in her outdoor encloser she is either...
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    HELP!! Are tortoises sensitive to loud noises?

    hello, my name is Sarah and I need your help urgently!! I have a juvenile Hermann tortoise named Sophie I just got her 4 days ago and she lives in an outdoor encloser be herself. Her encloser is by the fence to my next-door neighbor's house and for some reason early in the morning they started...