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  1. aznwinx

    Coconut fiber?

    I just started using coco fiber and I have just seen some getting stuck around the eyes. Should I change the substrate or is it fine? Also is it okay if they eat a bit of the coco fiber from time to time? Thanks!
  2. aznwinx

    Help! (tortoise upside down)

    I came home from work and I saw my tortoise upside down I don't know how long it was upside down but when I flipped him back over he was a bit stunned but after awhile he ate and he looks a bit better. Should I be worried?? I am really scared.
  3. aznwinx


    Is chia okay to feed to my sulcatas? Does anyone know if there is a fast way of growing them? Thanks!
  4. aznwinx

    Tortoise Not Growing?

    I have 3 Sulcata tortoises and I haven't seen one of them grow yet. Its funny because the other two are growing very fast but the smaller one is staying it size. Could there be a problem? They all eat like a champ, I have uvb for all of them also they have a hot spot around 95-100. They get...
  5. aznwinx

    Do Tortoises have lazy days?

    Hi everyone I'm here today to ask a question. Do tortoises have lazy days? Because today I woke up and I fed it and I went to work. After I came home I saw that they didn't finish there food because they always do. Also they have napping the whole day. Besides that they did eat a little though...
  6. aznwinx


    Will camera flash hurt the tortoise? Just making sure before i start taking pics.
  7. aznwinx

    Tortoise Protection Group!

    You guys should check out this cool FB page. Its called Tortoise Protection Group. Their a really cool group. GO CHECK THEM OUT!!!!!
  8. aznwinx

    3 baby sulcatas

    Here are my 3 cute little Sulcatas Tank, Chomper, and SpearLeg.
  9. aznwinx

    How can I get my baby sulcata to eat Timothy?

    How can I get my BABY sulcata to eat some Timothy hay. I try to offer him some but it seems like he doesn't want it. Anyone wanna help? Thanks!
  10. aznwinx

    Is Escarole okay?

    Is it okay to feed my Sulcata Tortoise Escarole? Thanks!
  11. aznwinx

    My Sulcata Tortoises

    Hi my name is Tommie and I currently own three baby Sulcata Tortoises.:tort: