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    enclosure help

    Tom,or others Not sure if this is where I pose a question about an outdoor enclosure for our 25# sulcata she is quite angry when she can't go outside during the day really raises hell in her 4ft x 8ft inside house. She is satisfied to sleep in there at night. In fact she opens the sliding glass...
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    unusual urine

    Our 6 yr old female sulcata's urine is thick all most jelly like,actually resembles the consistency of the white of an egg. she weighs 5 pounds she had a slow start in her early years because of improper care. My earlier postings detailed this. Thanks to this site her care has been improved...
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    what is overfeeding?

    Many sites warn about overfeeding. Our sulcata is 5 and weighs 1.5lbs. We acquired her about year ago from an unsuitable situation regarding habitat, lighting, heat, diet, etc. Thx to members here we have improved those issues significantly. she is enjoying a growth spurt, a half lb. since aug...
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    tortoise size

    We have a sulcata african spurred tortoise identified by the vet she is healthy according to him but weighs a little over a pound and is approx. 6 yrs old. He(vet) says she is extremely rare, he also consulted another vet. He says there aren't dwarfs of her species. He also says she should...