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  1. Stevie909

    Seeking a second opinion

    I was wondering what people's thoughts are on seeking a second medical opinion from a vet, and whether it'd be considered bad form. My Hermann's was a little out of sorts at the beginning of February. Eating etc fine, just something didn't seem right and I suspected dehydration. Took him to...
  2. Stevie909

    UK owners - best potting soil?

    Hi folks, Hope everyone is well. Now that the weather seems to be on the turn I'll finally get to use the greenhouse to start growing weeds etc for my Hermann's. Im just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for the best soil for planting in? I know it has to be free from any chemicals...
  3. Stevie909

    Hungry Hermann's

    Hi all, Done my 2yr 11mth old Hermann's (Helmut) monthly weigh in on Saturday as we do, and he's packed on a whopping 52g! Usually owners would be happy about their pet putting on weight but this seems far too much. He's now weighing in at 478g, which in itself seems very high for his age...
  4. Stevie909

    Additional lighting set up

    Hi folks, After a bit of feedback on my table and positioning of lighting. I've got a Trixie mini pro sun mixed d3 70w for basking and just fitted a 10% repti glo 15w along the side, as below in pics. How long should each be on for? thinking the strip for the majority of the day, between...
  5. Stevie909

    Strange discharge when bathing

    So got my Hermann (Helmut) on Thurs, seems v happy so far. Been giving him daily soaks the past few days, during yesterday's he had a good pee which was good. However during today's there was some brown-yellow discharge with a few floaty bits pic attached. Haven't physically seen him poo yet...
  6. Stevie909

    New Scottish member

    'Morning folks, New member from Scotland, just picked up my first tortoise yesterday. He's a Hermann's called Helmut and so far he seems to be a lazy sod. When we got him home he roamed about his table quite the thing, then he discovered his food bowl and got stuck into it. Toddled off under...