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    Predator Protection - outdoor enclosures

    Right now my wife and I have four beautiful almost 1 year old Sonoran desert tortoises. They currently live indoors in the tortoise table I built them, but once they get bigger (I'm thinking another ~2 years or so), they will be moved permanently outdoors. We live just North of Tucson in the...
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    Low heat UVB bulb?

    I recently moved into a new house, and the tortoise table has been moved into a "Arizona room" - a sort of indoor/outdoor room. Needless to say, it gets pretty dang hot in that room in the AZ summers (90°'s). The current UVB bulbs I have create too much heat for the room. I currently have 100 &...
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    New Desert Tortoise Hatchlings

    The wife and I recently obtained two desert tortoise hatchlings. We have named them Taco and Hatch, and we are absolutely enamored! I built them a tortoise table, which is lined and has a layer of cypress mulch, some rocks from the outdoors, enclosures to hide/sleep, a reptile specific combo...