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  1. MichaelaW

    "Tree" Collards

    Is anyone familiar with "Tree Collards" or have grown them? I want to start growing them but apparently they don't grow well from seed and they recommend starting with cuttings.
  2. MichaelaW

    Daytona National Reptile Breeder's Expo

    Is anyone else attending this event?
  3. MichaelaW

    New Project, New Species

    I have a brand new project in the works. Species to be kept a secret for now, but this is the progress so far. It is sealed with GE Silicone and fiberglass resin. More to come. @Tom no hints!
  4. MichaelaW

    Black Soldier Fly Larvae

    Does anyone have experience keeping black soldier fly larvae? I am raising some for my group of hatchling Sceloporus olivaceus (Texas Spiny Lizards).
  5. MichaelaW

    TTPG Conference

    Is anyone attending the TTPG conference in Mesa, AZ this November?
  6. MichaelaW

    Happy Endangered Species Day

    To celebrate endangered species day, here are a few photos of my forstenii. Enjoy.
  7. MichaelaW

    South Texas Members

    Are there any members in or near the Rio Grande Valley?
  8. MichaelaW

    Strange health issue

    I have a strange problem going on with one of my female 11 year old Terrapene that has me stumped. I recently moved them all back outside now that the weather has warmed up significantly. They were all pretty dormant for most of the winter even though the temperatures were very warm here in deep...
  9. MichaelaW

    I am stumped on this plant ID

    This plant is growing all over the property and I am at loss on what the ID is. Does anyone know this plant?
  10. MichaelaW

    Manouria hissing

    Do anyone's Manouria make a hissing sound when they are curious or excited; for example, feeding time? I have noticed this with mine quite frequently.
  11. MichaelaW

    Bamboo plants/rhizomes

    Does anyone that grows bamboo have any plants or rhizomes they would be willing to share? Thanks.
  12. MichaelaW

    Elephant ears/Alocasia/Colocasia/Taro

    Does anyone have any elephant ears, Colocacia, Alocasia, or Taro bulbs they would be willing to share? I can pay shipping and also have various seeds I can trade. Thanks.
  13. MichaelaW

    UVB winter usage

    For those of us with forest tortoises in cold climates, i.e. Forstenii, Manouria, etc., I am trying to get an idea of how many people use UVB during the winter when they are indoors, and how many just supplement. I know this has been debated a lot so I am not trying to start a debate.
  14. MichaelaW

    Celery leaves

    According to feedipedia, celery leaves have a higher calcium content than mulberry leaves. Does anyone feed them regularly?
  15. MichaelaW

    Two newest additions

    These two little guys arrived this morning from Turtles and Tortoise Inc. They are an unrelated temperature sexed 1.1 pair of 2015 mee's. Already munching on colocacia and very active. I love the coloring on the lighter one. This brings me up to a group of four mee's! They are such an awesome...
  16. MichaelaW

    Plant identification

    Someone gave me cuttings from this plant and they had no idea what it was. I looked on the internet and couldn't find anything similar. Does anyone recognize it?
  17. MichaelaW

    Manouria updates

    It's been quiet on the Manouria sub forum lately. How are everyone's mountain tortoises doing? I just purchased another hopeful 1.1 pair of 2015 mee's from Jay Fruer. The tentative shipping date is the week of the 15th. My newest pair is doing very well and get along perfectly.
  18. MichaelaW

    New Burmese Browns from Vic Morgan

    I just received my two Manouria Emys Emys from Vic Morgan this morning. The larger one is a yearling female and the other a hatchling male. I am blown away! They are stunning and beautiful! The little guy is so outgoing and not shy at all and the big girl is a bit shy. Here is a link with a ton...
  19. MichaelaW

    New Forstenii hatchlings

    I just received two forstenii hatchlings from Benjamin this morning. They are a temperature sexed 1.1 pair. They are such chunky monkeys and I could not be happier!
  20. MichaelaW

    Manouria breeding age

    I was wondering how old Mee's have to be before you can get fertile ova. I've read that they can lay at about 6 years of age, but the eggs won't be fertile until they are about 12 years old. Is it possible that CB healthy females can produce viable ova at a younger age as opposed to WC? Any...