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  1. crimson_lotus

    Thoughts on current lighting & set up?

    I could use some feedback from other redfoot owners - I fairly recently upgraded my tortoises enclosure from 4x4 to 4x8. The current set up (fancy ms paint skills incoming): yellow strips are where the current UV light strips are. They are each 36" fixtures...
  2. crimson_lotus

    cleaning inside of enclosure

    Yesterday I removed all of the dirt from the tortoise enclosure because our gnat situation was getting way out of control. I am going to wait a few days (to hopefully allow for any adult gnat stragglers to die off) before filling it up with dirt again, and wanted to wipe down the pond liner...
  3. crimson_lotus

    condensation issues with wood (treated)

    So I had a new enclosure built for my tortoise this summer. There were no condensation issues until recently, when the weather turned a bit colder and the heat lamps went on inside. The issue is the top of the doors of the enclosure, the wooden frame specifically, is collecting condensation and...
  4. crimson_lotus

    Really nice deal on Boston Craigslist - Animal Plastics enclosure for $150

    if anyone is in the Boston area and needs an enclosure for a hatchling/2 hatchlings (separately), this sounds like an amazing deal..
  5. crimson_lotus

    decorative wood for hot & humid closed chamber?

    after 2 weeks, the mopani wood I bought started to mold in my tort's enclosure. it's a shame because she seemed to like it. Any tips on alternatives?
  6. crimson_lotus

    Plants in indoor enclosure

    Looking for decor ideas and right now the UV light is pretty harsh in the enclosure. Redfoot tort is a big girl so I am trying to steer away from fake plants and her potentially eating them. Any thoughts on plants that are safe for a tortoise that just don't taste great, and that she may leave...
  7. crimson_lotus

    Turtle shell rot??

    I just checked the plastron of my turtle, which is a lot darker than it used to be. It's not soft or sticky, not flaking off...just doesn't look great. Attaching pic of now and 2015 pic of plastron. Hope this is superficial, this guy has had a tough life.
  8. crimson_lotus

    Setup and suggestions for 4 x 8 indoor enclosure

    I could really use some help on my tortoise's new enclosure! The pictures are attached of my attaching the pond liner and adding coco coir. The ramp is a bit steep currently for my tort so I will have to modify with something. I was thinking traction tape? My issue is the lights. So, in order...
  9. crimson_lotus

    How To Line New Enclosure -

    Hi All, I have a new indoor enclosure for my Redfoot, ready to go minus the pond lining. My question is - should I use industrial staples to attach the pond liner? I have been doing this with her current enclosure, but she is just so BIG and the staples rust...she ends up ripping them off of...
  10. crimson_lotus

    Redfoot Tortoise Enclosure Build - Radiant Heat Panels vs CHE's, and Acrylic questions

    I currently have a 4x4 enclosure with 2 x 100w CHE's that just barely meets the heat requirements of 80 degrees at the coldest spots - sometimes dipping to 75 or 70 if it's around 10 degrees outside. The room she is in is unfortunately affected by outside temperatures as it is right above the...
  11. crimson_lotus

    Water Turtle's eye (top half) is red and puffy

    I've noticed my water turtle's eyes, only the top of them, have become gradually red and puffy over the past week. Now, I did buy him a new basking light last week (MVB, not coil) with the same wattage as the light he already had (100w) at the same distance to the basking spot. Even so, perhaps...
  12. crimson_lotus

    Homemade Basking Spot Question

    I just made a new, larger basking spot for my male map turtle, and I had a quick question about the porcelain tile sheet I bought from Home Depot and how to best attach it to the egg crate platform. On one of the pictures you can see each tile is attached by some sort of glue, which may not be...
  13. crimson_lotus

    Recommendations for Buying Large (roughly 8'x4') Pre-made Indoor Enclosure

    It's long overdue - I need to get my Redfoot a larger enclosure. If I had to guess, I'd say my tortoises shell is about 10 inches long and I'd estimate her age to be between 7 and 10 years old. She is probably still growing. I've had her for about 5 years. I live in the Northeast so...
  14. crimson_lotus

    External Canister Filter busted - 40g leaked onto floor. Suggestions going forward appreciated

    Earlier this week, I came home from work to find that my Fluval 306 canister filter had leaked all of the water from my 40g turtle tank onto my carpeted basement floor. The cleaning, drying, and mold preventing process is not fun, and is still in process. The mat under my carpet is what refuses...
  15. crimson_lotus

    outdoor enclosure substrate for a rock eater

    I have a little patch reserved for my tortoise in the backyard with some hibiscus, hosta, and grasses planted in an 8 x 8 space. There are a lot of rocks in the backyard as the house was built on a boulder, and I suppose the excess pebbles from the initial blast remain. Anyway, she seems to...
  16. crimson_lotus

    What kind of map turtle?

    Hello, I've had my map turtle Tama for about a year now, and upon receiving him I was told that he was specifically a Mississippi map turtle. After looking at Mississippi maps, I honestly don't think so. I think he might be a Ouachita, but not sure. I have attached pictures if anyone can help...
  17. crimson_lotus

    Possible Shell Rot on Map Turtle?

    Here are some pictures of Tama's shell..does it look like shell rot, or is it just old damage? Everything is dry, no oozing. He seems to be bothered by even a soft touch on the top of the shell. The head injury is healing up, and I've been putting antibiotics over the wound daily. You can see...
  18. crimson_lotus

    Turtle Bleeding from Mouth

    Hey guys, I received a Mississippi Map Turtle on Monday afternoon and I think something is seriously wrong with him. He won't eat, he's bleeding from his mouth, and when I wipe it off, more just comes out. Checked his plastron, not pink or anything. He has some white goo stuck to him that...
  19. crimson_lotus

    Mississippi Map Turtle Advice

    So I've had a tortoise for about 2 years...walked into the pet store to get some more sphagnum moss for her to hang out in, and noticed two turtles - one African Side Necked and one adult Mississippi Map together in the same enclosure, the side neck obviously the more dominant and biting at the...
  20. crimson_lotus

    Sneezing at night

    I've been a little worried about Charlotte, my Red Footed Tortoise, and the frequency of her sneezing lately. It's possible that I'm worrying for no reason, but I thought I would get some second opinions on the matter regardless of how dumb or minor it may seem. My tortoises enclosure is...