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  1. CharlieS2020


    hey evryone a few days ago my brother took care of charlie and he said the heat lamp broke we had to change it to a difrnet one then we would ushally use. we are trying to get the 65 wats but for now we have to use a 12 wat one i thinck. the tempature is the exatct same as it ushally is even...
  2. CharlieS2020


    Hey everyone! so I went camping for 5 nights and my older brother took care of my tortoise. I was just wondering if you guys could do a health check to make sure Charlie looks healthy. Also is there anyway to tell the gender of a tortoise at 1 and a half years old? Here are the photos of Charlie.
  3. CharlieS2020

    What about age

    Hey 8 was just thinking 8 don’t know the exact age of my tortoise. I was js7t wonder8ng is there any way t’ tell an age fir a Hermann tortoise. I think Charlie ma6 be around 1 and a half. Because 8 got her from. A pet store my sister was with me and said she heard them say charl8e was 4 months...
  4. CharlieS2020

    how many pellets?

    hello evreyone my dad wanted me too post this question for you all. as you may know i have a hermann tortoise around 1 and a half years old. we bought charlie some mazeri tortoise pellates and im jsut wondering how many we should give her. she is around 4 inches or 11 centameters. my dad is...
  5. CharlieS2020

    can my tortoise eat this?

    Hi evryone on my last fourm i mentioned i was trying to find a seed mix for my hermann tortoise turns out they dont ship to cannada im so sad about it anyways i found one for russian tortoise so my question for you is... is it okay for a hermann tortoise to eat that mix even though its for a...
  6. CharlieS2020

    what is Tlady

    hello evreyone i hope you are haveing a wonderfulld ay and wondering if you can help me with something. i am trying to find the perfect diet for my eastern hermann tortoise and i came acroos something called Tlady. i did some reserch and it is suposed to be a mix of tortoise safe plants that you...
  7. CharlieS2020

    why dose my tortoise smell so bad?

    hey my tortoise is smelling really bad today can you guys help? it was only today she has ever smelt this bad even though her cage smells fine. i know tortoise somtimes have a musckey smell but this one is bad. ive never smelt her this bad before ive given her a long bath and scrubed inbetween...
  8. CharlieS2020

    What is this black dot

    Hi me again! i was bathing my tortoise today when I noticed a black dot in her neck. I’ve tried to get a photo of th8s but she keeps running at the camera, is there any way yo7 know what it is by the description? I’ve heard of outdoor tortoise getting Ticks and stuff but Charlie is indoor...
  9. CharlieS2020

    Witch one?

    Hello there I hope you all are enjoying your day so far. Last night I changed my tortoise substrate and changed the layout a bit. My dad helped me and was a little concerned with changing it. The main thing we changed is we took out the built in hide. I found she wasn’t use if it as much and...
  10. CharlieS2020

    Hibiscus plant?

    Hi if I were to go out and buy 8 hibiscus plant for some wear could. My tortoise eat the flowers right away or would I have to re plant it. Tortoises love to eat the flowers so I want to get one for my tortoise To have for a meal sometimes. Charlie
  11. CharlieS2020

    How to make the cage better?

    Hey please help me I worried my tortoise cage is n9t the best and I want to improve it. Right now I have eco earth as a substrate wood wallls some rocks,fake plants and I built in hide. And for a water dish I have a small dish witch my tortoise loves and a b8g brick for her to eat on. Charlie is...
  12. CharlieS2020

    Is this shell growth or pyramiding?

    Sorry if I spelt the title wrong. From this photo can you tell me if this is shell growth or peramiding, or is it something else I should be worried about. If it is one of these things please let me know any how to help.
  13. CharlieS2020

    What is this? (white marks on wall)

    Hi today when I was misting my tortoise cage a saw these white things against the wall. I’m worried it is rot but my dad says it’s not. When I scrap it of it dose come of but it Leaves a powder. Has anyone else had this problum before I will post a photo but let me know if you need more.
  14. CharlieS2020

    is this normal (burrowing in my legs)

    hi its me again i have jsut a quick question. so yesterday i was cleaning my 1 year old eastern hermanns cage so i took her out for like 5 mins and put her near my lags. she emedietly started to burrow in my lags for the whole time she was there, but when i but her back in she jsut stroles...
  15. CharlieS2020

    Hight for my lights?

    so earlyer on a thread you guys helped me out with the propper lights. i got the new uvb light and it is the right one i ckeaked. exept it seems very bright in the cage should it be higher. right now it is laying on the top of the cage and the cage is around a foot high i think. please help em...
  16. CharlieS2020

    how to keep my tortoise cage humid?

    good morning guys i was wondering if you could help me out with humidity in my one year old Herman cage. ive read that you should have a closed area but there is one problem most of the top f my tortoise encloser in chicken wire. so i dont know how to keep humidity in the cage. im worried my...
  17. CharlieS2020

    why is my tortosie sleeping more?

    hi its me again with my estern Herman tortoise charlie. im finding charlie is sleeping a lot more through the day and sometimes waking up at night. this started about 3 days ago. she has never sleped during the day this much. should i be consernd that she is sleeping so much? please help me all...
  18. CharlieS2020

    Help me tell the gender of my Herman tortoise.

    Hi there! I was jsut wondering if you guys could help me tell the gender of my Herman tortoise. Here are some photos let me know if you need better photos. I appreciate any help. Charlie
  19. CharlieS2020

    please help me! (climbing the walls)

    hi my tortoise charlie is climbing her cage walls and circaling her cage. im really worried about her so please help me. Charlie is seen doing this throughout the day. could it be because her cage is to small, her cage is 4 feet long 21 inches wide and 4 inches high. charlie is one years old...
  20. CharlieS2020

    Is my tortoise overweight?

    hi its me gain. i was wondering if charlie is over weight. she weighs 106 grams and is 4 and a half inches. why im asking is because i have heard that a year old tortoise should weigh under 100 grams and charlie is 1 year old and is over 100 grams. can you please help me. if charlie is over...