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  1. Plowmandust77

    2021 Bolivian Red foot tortoises

    Several Bolivian red foots available. 50 to 65 grams and doings well. 200 each or deal for multiple.
  2. Plowmandust77

    Burmese star tortoise scute lifting

    I've seen a few posts on here about this topic. What are your thoughts on this scute? Large Burmese star tortoise. Can I keep her outside in the rain or get the scute wet? A lot of opinions on this issue. Thanks
  3. Plowmandust77

    Guyana red foots

    12 inch male red foot tortoises. Asking 200 each. Located South of Chicago. Would rather deal local but will ship if you take both males. Thanks
  4. Plowmandust77

    Young red foot acting strange

    10 month red foot. 140 grams. Stopped eating as well just recently. I had 2 young babies that past away recently. They didn't eat much and their plastrons got super soft and that was it. The 10 month old seems lethargic now and eyes are shut when i get him to soak. Eyes open instantly...
  5. Plowmandust77

    Male red foot need IDing

    Is this a northern? Venezuelan?
  6. Plowmandust77

    Colombian female red foot

    Selling a 6 inch Colombian female red foot. Very smooth shell and great coloring. 150$ firm. Located in Chicago. Will possibly shipped but rather deal locally.
  7. Plowmandust77

    Young Marty

    My little northern just turned 1. Happy birthday RUNT!
  8. Plowmandust77

    Little girl Colombo

    I decided to keep this one. She has really grown on me. Thoughts?
  9. Plowmandust77

    A real screamer yellow Colombian!

    Was lucky enough to get my hands on this screamer! Head pattern is a wowzer. @allegraf
  10. Plowmandust77

    Male red foot tortoise

    10 inch Colombian male red foot. Very aggressive breeder. 125$ need the room! Priced to sell.
  11. Plowmandust77

    White nose Colombian

    Has anyone seen anything like this? I was told it might be F2 generation. He has orange pink and white coloring. Thoughts? @allegraf
  12. Plowmandust77

    Yellow Colombian hatchling

    Something you dont see often!
  13. Plowmandust77

    Red foot Chicago

    Selling a 6.5 inch female red foot. Excellent head pattern. Need to make room for new arrivals. 125$ priced to sell. Thanks
  14. Plowmandust77

    Colombian score!

    Been searching for a pure Colombian for a long time. I have an exceptional female and now I just found a male.
  15. Plowmandust77

    Colombian red foot?

    Came across this at the NABRC and saw this. Picked it up. Very pretty coloring and captive raised. Very smooth. So, what region is this bloodline from? Colombia? Thanks
  16. Plowmandust77

    Juvenile northern coloring

    Will his/her shell darken up? Sweet looking little guy!
  17. Plowmandust77

    Female Brazilian cherry head?

    Is she a she and a cherry head? Plastron is dark! And i see marbling?? Thanks for input. Nate
  18. Plowmandust77

    Tortoise table project

    Just wanted to share my table. Finally its done. Will be adding a small fan inside to help with moisture on the plexiglass.
  19. Plowmandust77

    Picked up some new additions.....northern bloodline.

    Picked up 3 juveniles, 1 '10 inch female and a hatchling. Very excited to see these beautiful torts grow up.
  20. Plowmandust77

    polyurethane tortoise table question

    I've used 3 coats of Poly oil based minwax fast drying on my tortoise table. It has been drying out in my basement for about 3 weeks, and the it smelled cured until I turned up the ceramic heaters on. Now it's been about a week, the fumes have went down considerably and I burp the tank and...