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  1. Aunt Caffy

    Third eyelid visible and eye seems swollen

    I just noticed this tonight. I’m worried and left a message with the vet’s emergency paging service because it came on so suddenly.
  2. Aunt Caffy

    Denied by rescue group to adopt dog?

    Here’s my story... We lost our beloved pug to cancer three months ago. I just applied to adopt through a pug rescue group. I had what was essentially a phone interview, filled out an application, got two glowing references from two non-family members, a great reference from my vet, and then a...
  3. Aunt Caffy

    Daisy Marie, my precious girl

    We lost our beloved pug Daisy to cancer on Tuesday, April 24th. She was three months shy of her 17th birthday, and I had had her since she was less than 10 weeks old.
  4. Aunt Caffy

    Upper respiratory infection

    Rowan was wheezing Friday morning. Because of her months-long battle with pneumonia last year, I immediately made an appointment with the vet for Saturday. Rowan hadn't gained any weight over the past month and was dehydrated enough that the vet couldn't get blood. The vet started her on...
  5. Aunt Caffy

    Male, female, or too soon to tell?

    Here's Rowan who just turned three last month. I wonder if anyone can give me a guess as to his sex.
  6. Aunt Caffy

    Rowan has pneumonia

    I took Rowan in for his annual checkup. His blood test showed a high white blood cell count, so I brought him back for antibiotic injections. After he got the shot, I was taking him home and had to stop somewhere. So I took him outside. He was gasping and breathing hard, and his eyes were...
  7. Aunt Caffy

    Juvenile behavior?

    My little Cherryhead Rowan just turned two. Recently, he's become much more boisterous in that he is knocking over his little trees and pushing his cave and pier around in his enclosure. Is this a sign of his maturing or is he just being a brat?
  8. Aunt Caffy

    What are these succulents?

    I want to put these in Rowan's enclosure but am not sure what they are.
  9. Aunt Caffy

    My morning run

    Rowan on his morning outside excursion
  10. Aunt Caffy

    Drugs or calcium block?

    I was getting Rowan out of his habitat and found him like this. Could he be snorting coke or maybe he just climbed over his calcium block? Sorry for posting three times. It gave me error messages.
  11. Aunt Caffy

    Happy second hatchday!

    Rowan turned 2 on June 3rd.
  12. Aunt Caffy

    Does my beak need a trim?

    Can you tell if Rowan needs a beak trim? Maybe I'm being paranoid.
  13. Aunt Caffy

    Do nopales (cactus) count as greens?

    My Rowan seems to have an aversion to anything green except okra, nopales, and the rare weed. His vet says he needs more greens. While I will continue to offer him leafy items, will the nopales help to make up for his not eating greens?
  14. Aunt Caffy


    Just some pics of Rowan's shell.
  15. Aunt Caffy

    12 ounces

    I took this one a couple of weeks ago. It was his official twelve ounces pic.
  16. Aunt Caffy

    Our pet family

    Scarlett the Golden Retriever, the late half-sister of Heath (that's baby Heath next to his big sister) Rowan the Cherryhead Daisy the Pug Teddy the Pug Khaleesi the straight ear Scottish Fold Heath the Golden Retriever
  17. Aunt Caffy

    Grape leaves from the jar

    Can I feed my tort the grape leaves you can buy in a glass jar? I imagine they would need to be rinsed off.
  18. Aunt Caffy

    Okra...oxalates vs. calcium content

    I was reading about okra and that it was a good source of both calcium and vitamin A. Unfortunately, it's also high in oxalates which bind with calcium. My question is this: is the calcium content high enough that there's still calcium left after the binding? Or is the oxalate effect so bad...
  19. Aunt Caffy

    Found great vet in McKinney, TX

    I just took my tortoise to Chastain Veterinary in McKinney. They were great. Dr Chastain really examined Rowan and was very knowledgeable about torts. Super happy with my visit.
  20. Aunt Caffy

    Winter slowdown for indoor torts?

    I have a Cherryhead hatchling whose growth has slowed down significantly since the onset of cold weather. The little thing doesn't seem to eat as much, and I was wondering if it might be because I can't take him outside regularly. Rowan hasn't lost weight and is quite active on those days when...