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  1. yongsaurus

    Exporting Tortoise

    Hello, I have some question about exporting tortoises. Since I will be going moving back to my home country (Indonesia) from where Qatar, I would like to bring my tortoise with me and wondering How do I do it? Also, she's a rescue tortoise, so no I don't have any documents about her etc. Is it...
  2. yongsaurus

    Eating Habits

    Hello, what can I do if my tortoise refuse to eat anything unless its cooked ? i give her as many different vegetables as i can. but she refuses to eat them unless i boil them to soften them up. for example she loves carrots, when i just give it to her raw she just spits them back out. but if...
  3. yongsaurus

    help identify

    hello can some one please help confirm my tortoise identity? like their age, species and sex ? i’ve never had tortoises so i really dont have any clue other than its a tortoise n not a turtle. a friend hand them to me after they found this little buddy in their garage :<
  4. yongsaurus

    Hello from Doha!

    Hello everyone! I’m a new tortoise owner residing in Qatar, Doha. I’ve never had a proper pet before due to some circumstances, I once was given an adult red ear slider turtle (i think he was, since he was big) by my cousin who no longer was able to house him. One day tho he went missing :( we...