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  1. Tortisedonk7


    Thought this was cute. Not sure if it’s real.
  2. Tortisedonk7

    Leonardo di Borneo

    Hello, Making this thread to keep track of my little ones growth, mile stones, developments, habitat changes, And just for fun to post some pics. No need to reply but more fun if you fun do. 🐢😄
  3. Tortisedonk7

    Indonesia rules/laws for Asian brown?

    Hello all, I live in Indonesia and interested in getting what is the native Tortoise here. Does anyone have information about special rules or regulations for owning one of these beautiful animals here? And where these torts might be available.
  4. Tortisedonk7

    Cherryhead doesn't eat or poop

    Hello, I’m new here and looking for some advice. A week ago I got two baby cherry heads, about 3 months old. One of them (Atlas) won’t eat or poop, however she does drink a lot. She ate some hibiscus leaf and flower the first 2 days then pretty much stopped eating, and seeming hasn’t pooped...
  5. Tortisedonk7

    New here

    Hello, just joining the forum. Recently got 2 baby cherry heads. trying to post something to ‘Tortoise heath’ but the system won’t let me.