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    Coconut Oil

    Someone cleaned up the thread...
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    Mazuri LS for Hermann's?

    Can't argue with success...
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    Tortoise Pen Build Thread

    Oh boy... I see my future...
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    Good hide.

    That's great, you can dirt mound over the top and put grass/ plants...
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    Mazuri LS for Hermann's?

    Soaked for 4 minutes, it's soft and smushes... I tried it plain and he's eating it! Chris, why the original preference?
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    Mazuri LS for Hermann's?

    I'll check, I bought a small bag at Petco not long ago. I'll take a photo when I prep it...
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    Mazuri LS for Hermann's?

    Hey Tom, the LS I have is actually smallish pellets and did soften when soaked. Not nearly as quickly as the regular, but after about 5 minutes they squished. I toss my Mazuri with dried herbs but they are the LS plain. But... I'm the only person I've found to have torts that eat the LS so...
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    Mazuri LS for Hermann's?

    Based on ingredients, the LS looks like the healthier option. I bought a huge bag of the regular, but mine eat both, so I'm going to try to focus on the LS and phase out the regular. Clearly the regular isn't bad, I just assume corn is less healthy than hay...
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    Coconut Oil

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    Huge accomplishment!

    Congrats! Hard work pays off!
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    Mazuri torotise diet LS

    Since it's hay, doesn't sound appropriate for a Hermanns... glad I just bought some to try!
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    Found a bug in my enclosure

    I've got bugs too... in the process of trying to ID. The overwhelming theory is it's from unsterilized coco.
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    overstocked inventory thread for anybody to use...

    This place is dead anyway...
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    Not related exactly, but if life or death you can always put in a small container, and inside a larger sweatshirt that you're wearing. I used to transport my lizards in bags underneath my shirt for long drives to and from college. It was a little overkill, but made me feel better.
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    Is anyone else a petty thief?

    Turn yourself in... when the cops laugh at you... you know you're fine.
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    You know you have a tortoise when...

    When the first order of business when arriving to the golf course is asking the greens keeper if there are areas of untreated fescue... and you're packing shears in a plastic bag!
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    My new tort table on wheels is finally ready.

    That looks really nice! Great job!
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    Basking spot temp

    They seem to love the 105...
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    Humidity HELP!

    Give it a few days... it'll dry out and still leave moisture below that'll slowly release. You cal always spritz and cover later if you want to vary / cycle humidity.
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    Taking cues...

    That's why I posed the question, it seems odd that they preferred it when it was even warmer. They're almost always on the warmer side... And they don't hide during their day cycle, they're always out... on the warm side!