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  1. 8james8

    My First Radiated :)

    Many years ago I was introduced to the species and it became a dream to work with them. I was briefed about the permit requirements and such and due to my military career, I could not guarantee stability to stay in the states. Now that this is no longer an issue I set out to make this dream a...
  2. 8james8

    My indoor star enclosures (pics included)

    I ordered 2 Animal Plastics T-8 enclosures. I was having some issues finding a stand that would fit the enclosures and what not. After some thought, I decided to make the stand a project. I'm not the most experienced woodworker, but I figured I would give it a shot. Each enclosure has an...
  3. 8james8

    Hello from AL (USA)

    Greetings! I've actually lurked this forum a while back, but due to military assignment overseas I lost access to sites like this. Now that I am retired from the military and am in the market, I figured I would join the community. I have raised turts and torts for 28 years. So hopefully I...