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    Baby snapping turtle with dent on top of shell?

    Hey guys, most of you know I have baby snapping turtles. One of them recently developed a dent on top of his shell closer to his head than his butt. They swim around in their tank just like I have had them do before. Never seen one with a dent. If pictures are needed I can get one or try to! Is...
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    Pink bellied snapping turtle?

    Hello all I was reading on species of turtles earlier and I saw this species called "pink bellied snapping turtle" from New Guinea I think. I couldn't find much information about the species. Does anyone know anything about them and where I could read about them? PS. Mr. Elvis is getting huge...
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    Hello there, I have put appt of thought into buying my first lizard. It is either between a fire skinks or a blue-tailed skink. I have read a few different things about them, either they do good in groups or they don't, out they get lonely. I'm 100% confused. Different websites say different...
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    School tomorrow

    I start my tax course tomorrow [emoji51] super nervous. Wish me luck guys.
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    Had to call my internet provider today...

    Okay so I have been watching my 14 year old nephew for the last week while his parents went camping... It was all fine and dandy until I went on my Xbox and realized what the little boy has been doing when I go to sleep.. needless to say I called my internet provider and had him disable...
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    Hello all, bubba is doing fantastic. He is eating good and pooping good. I do have a question though, he keeps flipping on his back still but I notice when he does he spreads his legs out and his head and doesn't try to get up until he is ready. If I flip him over he goes right back up to his...
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    Guess what happened tonight [emoji4]

    If you have followed my threads from the beginning about the eggs I rescued this year, you know there was a few snapper eggs that had been dug up by animals and they thankfully didn't get eaten, so glad I checked it out the debris.. I went to peak at them on my way to bed tonight, haven't...
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    It is growing colder here in Minnesota. Last few days have been very warm.. there is a giant population of big @$$ spiders all over my house lately... I am terrified to death of spiders.. can't even get close enough to smoosh one.. does anybody have any natural remedies for spiders? That will...
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    Hi guys, I was feeding bubba a little while ago and he seems to be having trouble, he bites at the pellet but he's not opening his mouth far enough? I know he has eaten but he just was seeming like he was having some trouble. If anybody has any suggestions I would appreciate it. I break the...
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    Is this a real species

    I came across this image and it's so beautiful I was wondering if it was a real turtle or is it a painting? If it is real does anyone know what species ? I don't have the reverse picture search for Google..
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    So guys I was going to get a puppy. But the person who I was getting him from sold him and couldn't mention it to me while I'm sitting here asking about him. I'm po'd right now. Why don't people have common courtesy to at least mention the fact that oh I sold your puppy so stop asking.
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    Bad news about the eggs ..

    Today I made a decision. I cut open the eggs.. day 92.. 4 full term dead babies.. yolks almost absorbed I can see they tried to break through. What happened? I think they didn't have enough humidity somehow and got stuck in the albumen.. there is one alive one who was trying to get out didn't...
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    Colorful turtles

    Hello guys hope you're all having a fantastic day. Me and the hubby were talking about getting another turtle sometime and he suggested a very colorful turtle.. I said a softshell he wants a bright one lol. Anybody know of any vibrant turtles or tortoises ? If so please let me know [emoji3526] I...
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    Hello guys, as you know I've been preparing bubba's tank. I've walked into a problem this morning. Before I say anything, obviously I am going to clean the tank and re do all of it, but anyways the dirt I have put in the tank I noticed that this morning there is a tiny bit of mold.. already. Not...
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    Happy Monday everyone

    Hey everyone happy Monday.. hope every one has a wonderful day despite what day it is. On another note my little hubba hubba bubba is doing wonderful! His yolk sac is literally flat on his tummy and is almost gone! I went and found some leaves for him and washed them so he could have something...
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    Hatchling question

    I'm just curious to when do I begin offering little guy food? I know he's probably not hungry but I was just wondering when I should start trying?
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    Here is a picture of my little buddy Elvis the snapper [emoji4] he's a year old now. He comes and hangs out for a little while we go play in the grass sometimes to. He really enjoys it since it's like a jungle to him. The kids were up his butt so he didn't want a photo shoot today..
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    Substrate for box turtles

    Hello, how is everyone doing? Just wondering since my babies have begun hatching finally what substrate should I use for their enclosure? Of course they won't be in it yet maybe a week or so. But just wondering what substrate is the best for hatchling box turtles? Not sure if sand is ok to use...
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    Fishing pictures here [emoji846]

    Hey y'all, do you guys have any fishing pictures? If so post them below [emoji4] [emoji116] I'll start this is my favorite one of me and my hubby and our nephew, of course I had to put it in a collage couldn't resist. Your turn [emoji846] I bet there are some more fish lovers out there [emoji6]
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    Incubating turtle eggs

    Hey guys. Sorry for posting again Im just curious. Eggs are at 81 days. Most hatch at what 60-70? At what point do you start to question hatching? Mine seem like they're on there way just tons of dents... Just is there a point of waiting where you guys starting questioning what is going on? I'm...