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  1. SarahChelonoidis

    I hope this one is a joke I don't know if this person is an idiot or joking, but either way, it looks like someone glued some fabric to this Russian tortoise.
  2. SarahChelonoidis

    Russian tort food question

    Occasionally they can, but they don't process sugars well so it should be an infrequent treat. FYI, that photo is not of a Russian. Is that the tortoise you will be getting?
  3. SarahChelonoidis

    Repost: lost yellowfoot in Toronto Not my listing. A hatchling yellow footed is missing in Toronto. "got out or taken from out door inclosure". If anyone sees it up for sale or their kids 'found...
  4. SarahChelonoidis

    Canadian elongata

    This is probably a long shot, but if anyone, at any point in the future, has elongated tortoises in Canada to part with, send me a message as I'm interested in buying (preferably females, but open to males and unsexed).
  5. SarahChelonoidis


    Day and night, highs and lows, what temperatures are you keeping your Indotestudos in? The Tortoise Trust says for elongata: "Daytime environmental temperature should be maintained in the 26 - 30°C region during summer (78 - 86 °F). In winter, daytime temperatures can be reduced to 24 °C (75...
  6. SarahChelonoidis

    Home's Hingebacks (Canada) Good prices for Canada. Don't know the seller but I suspect I've seen their babies.
  7. SarahChelonoidis

    Bell's Hingeback - Greater Toronto Area (Canada) Not my ad. Hingebacks aren't too common in Canada so I hope it goes to someone well equipped for their care. I wish I had room for hingebacks right now.
  8. SarahChelonoidis

    Canadian caught smuggling 51 turtles in his pants to plead guilty
  9. SarahChelonoidis

    Downsview Reptile Expo (Toronto, Canada)

    In case any Canadians were swinging by today, I can tell you the rundown of what was there yesterday. Apologies, I didn't take any vendor photos. Sellers were mostly catering to ball python collectors, like most reptile shows. The were decent numbers of other snake species, as well as...
  10. SarahChelonoidis

    Spam popup?

    Anyone else getting a "free iPad"/prize giveaway spam pop up while viewing TFO today? It keeps popping up for me here (I'm using safari and iOS) and this seems to be the only website I am seeing it on. Just me?
  11. SarahChelonoidis

    Indotestudo Photo Thread

    There just aren't enough photos of Indotestudo tortoises here, so I thought I'd try to start a photo thread by posting one of my elongata. He may not have the prettiest shell, but he's got that charming yellow-pink face that can't be beat.
  12. SarahChelonoidis

    Undergrounds in indoor enclosures

    @Tom had an amazing thread back in 2012 where he showed an underground sublayer in a hatching Sulcata habitat: Have people been trying this since? This seems like a brilliant idea and I want to build one of these - I wonder...
  13. SarahChelonoidis

    Russian tortoise ($150) -Toronto You rarely see any species being resold this cheaply here, so I imagine it'll go fast.
  14. SarahChelonoidis

    Catappa/Indian Almond leaves

    I've seen them recommended for hermit crabs (to eat and 'play' in), but I was wondering if anyone knew of any safety concerns about adding Catappa leaves (the dried kind typically sold for aquariums) into a tortoise enclosure. They seemed like they might make a nice leaf litter, especially for...
  15. SarahChelonoidis

    Hatchling Sulcatas $250 - Orangeville, ON (Canada)

    I'd want to ask the breeder a lot of questions about their hatchling care (and how long they've been breeding, why they had such a small clutch, etc.), but this is a very good price for Canada...
  16. SarahChelonoidis

    Burmese Browns in Toronto - $1800 for two Not my ad, but someone is selling two brown mountain tortoises for $1800. Given that I have never actually crossed paths with a Manouria emys emys in Canada, I would say that...
  17. SarahChelonoidis

    Repost: Leopard in Greater Toronto Area

    Not my listing: But $300 is an excellent price for a leopard tortoise in Canada. Comes with an unfortunate tank for a tortoise.
  18. SarahChelonoidis

    Found: Sulcata outside of Toronto Not my ad, but hopefully the original owner is on here since it looks well cared for. If anyone knows someone in Vaughan, Ontario that has lost their sulcata, get in...
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    Anyone used Epiweb (as an alternative to tree fern panels) in an indoor enclosure? I'm looking for a good backdrop material I can grow epiphytes on, and it sounds pretty good, but I can't find any North American distributors. Anyone used it? Anyone know who...
  20. SarahChelonoidis

    "Safe Plants" - is the poison in the... square footage?

    In thinking about plantings for my work-in-progress footed habitat, I am wondering how much of their native habitats can we realistically - safely - create. The Vinkes and Vetters provide a great list of native plant species that footed tortoise eat fruit/flowers from in their 'diet' chapter...